What are the best chips

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What are chips

Chips are thin potato slices that are roasted or deep-fried and flavored with various spices and flavors.
In a broader sense, other types ofNibbles are understood to mean that are similarly simple and straightforward as"Finger food" let enjoy. Due to the great popularity of thePotato Chips becomes the term "Chip" therefore meanwhile also with Snacksthat originally didn't really have much in common with the chip except maybe their shape. So there is nextCorn- andChocolate chips meanwhile also many other variations. One of the most common features of this, as already mentioned, is that they can be consumed easily and straightforwardly as finger food, i.e. without the aid of cutlery or other aids. Plus, many will too Potato based snacksthat doesn't necessarily have the classic shape of a crisps must have, colloquially referred to as chips. So are z. B. cylinders and other geometric shapes are also possible.

This is how the enjoyment of chips works

Potato chips are typical “finger food”. This means that on the one hand it can be consumed with the fingers without any problems, but on the other hand it is usually viewed uncritically in the context of social interaction. Nevertheless, care should of course be taken not to leave any unnecessary dirt behind while enjoying the delicious snack - for example, nachos with cheese and a lot of sauce or salsa should be eaten with a knife and fork if in doubt. Alternatively, you can often make do with a napkin or washing your hands after eating.

Chips in the acrylamide test by Stiftung Warentest and Ökotest

When food is heated up and browned, the pollutant acrylamide is created, which can change the genetic make-up and is suspected of causing cancer. This was shown in animal experiments.

As the Stiftung Warentest in their current Acrylamide test of 53 foods (2019) explains there are no "harmless minimum levels".Eco test writes "Even small amounts pose a risk". Unfortunately, acrylamide cannot be completely avoided either, but manufacturers have to keep the value as low as possible depending on the food.

For chips was in the EU until 2018 still the Guideline of 1000 micrograms per kilo. This The guideline value has now been tightened to 750 μg / kg.

For comparison: French fries may contain 500 μg / kg, crackers 400 μg / kg and crispbread 350 μg / kg. The highest value applies to instant coffee with 850 μg / kg.

Among the tested foods there were also 4 chips in the test Stiftung Warentest. The varieties were tested:

Chips Aldi Süd Sun Snacks Paprika

Chips Chio Red Pepper

Chips Funny-fresh Hungarian crisps

Chips Lorenz Crunchips Paprika

They all passed the acrylamide test.

Kettle chips tested by Ökotest

In 2017 the magazine Eco test 19 types of chips examined for harmful substances. They concentrated on so-called kettle chips, which are produced in a different process with less fat and are supposed to be even more "natural" with the shell.

To the great surprise it can Eco test Recommend two types of kettle chips with a "reasonably clear conscience". They both scored “good”, which according to the testers was “a novelty” Eco test be. However, five of the 19 chips tested received an “unsatisfactory” and two others “unsatisfactory”.

The consumer magazine Eco test is generally critical of chips because of the high fat and salt content and has often found deficiencies and pollutants in the past. If you were to enjoy chips “in moderation” (as the manufacturers recommend, in a portion of 25 or 30 grams), there would certainly be nothing to prevent this. But who only picks up a bag of chips twice?

Acrylamide was also detected in all 19 types of chips tested, but always below the then still applicable EU value of 1000 μg / kg. However, the current value of 750 μg / kg, which was already valid in Denmark in 2017, was used by the Kettle Chips Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream outbid.

Consumer advocates criticize acrylamide benchmark for chips & co

Again SWR reported the new EU regulation was criticized by consumer advocates. Since these are only guidelines, the manufacturers of chips do not necessarily have to adhere to them and there is no way of removing chips that are too heavily loaded from the market.

What types of chips are there?

The chipthat most people traditionally immediately associate with this term is certainly the onePotato chip. In its basic form, it is very easy to prepare: Thin potato slices are fried or baked and then salted or seasoned in some other way.

Just the easy way to get this snack Enjoying it straight out of the bag in many different places without cutlery, plates or similar utensils certainly has, similar to theFrench friesFries or thatchocolate bar, contributed significantly to its popularity.
But it is not an exaggeration to say that the potato chip is now given a meaning in pop culture that goes beyond that of a mere nibble. Potato Chips stand for relaxing in front of the television after a hard day at work or for casual get-togethers with friends and family. Certainly this is also a factor that, in addition to the actual taste, is decisive for the great Popularity offriedPotato slices contributed.

In a broader sense, similarly shaped snacks made from thin slices can also be referred to as such, e.g. B. is occasionally also found so-calledBananas- orApple crisps in trade. However, this is usually actually brought into the appropriate formDried fruit orSweets. However, there are also z. B. Apple and banana chips, which are actually lightly fried or baked similar to their more popular ones. Perhaps these represent an interesting alternative for people who are not quite able to choose between spicy potato chips and sweet nibbles such as: B.Chocolate chip cookies can decide. But alsoCoconut chipsand many other variations may be personal to the curious chip lover test value.

Another variant of the crisps is the one already mentionedChocolate chip. This is withchocolatecoatedPastries. This comes in bite-sized portions similar to that Potato Chips served. For the surroundingChocolate coating Both white and milk and / or dark chocolate are used. This creates a wide variety of possible products for every taste.

In addition to the classic, from Potato chips made from potato chips also exist so-calledStacked chipsthat often outPotato flakes orMashed potatoes getting produced. The raw stacked chips are made from a kind of biscuits before they are prepareddough gouged out. For this reason, their shape is much more regular than that of conventional ones crisps.

the usual Potato Chips On the other hand, in addition to the natural irregularities of the potatoes used for production, there is often oneBlistering during preparation, which can also be found in the finished product. The type of production used for the stacked chips is therefore particularly suitable for Chips in certain shapessuch as B. Animal shapes, which are particularly popular with children.
The manufacturers can give the design free rein to a large extent, as long as production on the scale aimed at by the company is possible at an acceptable cost. This explains, among other things, the many different shapesthat can be found on the market in the field of potato-based snacks.

Depending on personal preference, some people may also choosesweetcrisps inspire. These include in addition to those mentioned Chocolate and fruit chips about tooCorn chipsthat in aFruit salsa be dipped. Even if most consumers have a different idea of crisps and are therefore initially critical of them, many people are surprised at the pleasant combination of the two components on the tongue.

Advantages & areas of application

Chips can be enjoyed alone or in good company. They are particularly popular with, for examplewatch TV, at theRead, onParties or onsociableGame nights. It doesn't matter if you are personallyboard- orComputer games prefers.

The different crisps are in so many different flavors available, so that almost everyone can find an interesting variation. The classic variants are particularly importantsaltand pepper orpaprika, which are still enjoying great popularity.

They are found in Mexican cuisine Chips in the form of nachos or so-called Tortilla chips. These are special for her triangular shape known. They are not made from potatoes, but from a corn tortilla. Usually they are dipped in a sauce, the so-called salsa, before they are enjoyed. The different sauces allow a wide variety of flavors. But also the various spices that are used to refine the crisps used to wear to one diverse taste experience at.

This is how the chips are tested

At Nibbles like chips plays thetaste of the product naturally a major role. Even if this can usually not be assessed completely objectively, there are still some important points to consider when examining the crisps should be observed.
Are the crispsexactlycorrectprepared, or maybe they seem a little too long or so short fried or baked? What about the quality of those used in its manufacture Potatoes insofar as this is still evident from the end product? If you have a sufficiently fine sense of taste, you may also discover variations in the care taken in putting together the Spice mixes by the various manufacturers. Such and similar points can be made in the context of an external Test procedure to be examined.

Also those usedingredients can play a role. Lots of people see it crispswhere only the original ingredients are used as ideal. Others, however, also accept its use natural flavors and other ingredients that differ from the original recipe, which optimize the taste of the end product.Carcinogens or evenpoisonousSubstances should of course be completely excluded if possible. Ensuring this is the task of the company and the responsible auditing authorities.

That tooPrice-performance ratio is important for assessing chips. TasteBrand chips really better than cheaper variants, and this difference in taste justifies thatprice difference? Especially if regularly and / or over a long period of time larger amounts of chips are bought, this price difference can make itself felt in the wallet. So if you want to convince on this point, you should choose a corresponding one test have more to show than a crisp advertising slogan and attractive packaging.

What do I have to look out for when buying chips?

In the Choice of chips Of course, he mainly playspersonaltaste an important role. It should besweet or ratherhearty be, ratherclassic and potato orfreshand fruity? With the many products available on the market, it is usually easy to find different types of chips that fit.

Who oneparty or planning a similar large event, however, should ask: What about the Preferences of the expected guests out? In a small circle of familiar people you can perhaps estimate this relatively well, but if you have a certain number of guests you should be on the safe side and at least roughly cover every possible taste of the guests.

Who on his personalFat absorption must or would like to pay attention, usually finds the corresponding information about theFat content on the packaging or on the manufacturer's website. Here it is worth considering the values ​​of different manufacturers and products to compare with each other. One of the reasons for this is that not all types of crisps Spending the same amount of time in the fryer and therefore not consuming the same amount of fat during the manufacturing process.

Who himselfvegetarian orvegan fed, should theingredient list In addition, check for ingredients that do not match your personal ideas about an ethical food. Corresponding ones can often be found Instructions on the packaging, but to a large extent these are also a matter of interpretation. So if you are very careful in this regard, you should ask the manufacturer in case of doubt.

Some consumers prefer Chips with a lower fat content also because the fat settles less quickly or to a lesser extent on the fingertips during consumption.

People who abiologicalCultivation the potatoes used or other basic components used is important, you will also find corresponding products here on the market, albeit often at a slightly higher price.

Pay particular attention should be straightAllergy sufferers relevant to their health situation Ingredients such as B. dairy or wheat products. If you are not sure about a certain ingredient, you should rather ask your doctor or about its harmlessness to health in your personal situation.

Otherwise applies: For the crispsthat are purist from a few ingredients such as B. potato slices, oil and salt are produced, however, usually results in this regard not much leeway for harmful substancesprovided that the manufacturing process has been carried out in a suitable manner. However, particular attention should be paid to what is often criticized Acrylamidewhich cannot yet be conclusively assessed with regard to human health. These crisps can then go along with your own preferences Spices such as salt, pepper, paprika and corresponding sauces can be pepped up in terms of taste.

Brief information on leading 2 manufacturers

Funny fresh

Funny fresh is a brand ofIntersnackGmbH andCoKG, which appeared in the mid-1990s inCologne Founded. This is the merger of two companies that have already had a lot of experience in the production of attractive snacks. Many consumers are the products ofFunny fresh certainly already known from everyday life. In addition to the spicy potato chips, the brand also has sweeter, fruit-based products such asApple- andBanana chips on offer.


Pringles are stacked by theKellogCompany (Kellog’s) produced. The American company is known to many people mainly by itsBreakfast cereal known.

Particularly characteristic is the box typical of Pringles in which the Chips in the shape of a column are stacked on top of each other. Many different flavors are available in the range, and the company continues to surprise with new creative creations.
Just who itloves hearty and spicy, should try the various potato-based snacks from the manufacturer. Kellog’s company was founded in the early 20th centuryUnitedStatesofAmerica in the stateMichigan and since then it has achieved international fame. For many consumers, the brand is particularly popular with each one with its own mascot Cornflake brands a term. This was not a coincidence Kellog’s but the first company to sell such foods on a large scale.

Internet vs. specialist retailers: where is the best place to buy my chips?

There is no special retailer for chips - perhaps there could be a corresponding one Grocery store help. Lots of people buy theirs crisps probably for this reason in theSupermarket. However, there is rarely enough time to consciously choose the snack. Furthermore, not all supermarkets have thementirePallets thedifferentManufacturer Releases. The supermarket is often limited to products that are bought by many customers in the area. On the one hand, this is economically understandable, and it restricts those interested Snack lovers but in choosing his favorite nibble.

in the Offer of the Internet On the other hand, there are also manufacturers and flavors that the supermarket does not (currently) have in stock. In addition, most products can be accessed relatively easily and directly via the the ingredients contained.
Also oneNutritional table can often be found on the websites of the various manufacturers. In the supermarket, on the other hand, most customers do not find the necessary peace to quietly check the values ​​given there. Due to the wide range of products, the salespeople can usually not help either, as they do not have a comprehensive range of productsExpertise be able to elaborate on every single available product.

Grocery stores, on the other hand, often offer relativelyexpensive chips at. On the one hand, this is understandable, since the bottom line is that the costs for the competent staff and the time required for “free” consultations must still pay off. On the other hand, most consumers are relatively expensive at these Snacks not interested, as there are many much cheaper alternatives on the market.

Just at Parties or other occasions, for which a larger amount of nibbles is required, offers theOnline purchase some advantages. Among other things, the ingredients of many products can be checked much better - especially what is actually behind the ones they may containE numbers plugged. Many dealers offer larger quantities of bags of chips with oneDiscount at. In addition to the Supply of the party guests also create a small private supply, and there is always something to nibble around the house. Any shipping costs that may arise should of course also be included in such a calculation. If you get in enough buys in bulk or an action from a particular provider to his Take advantage can, however, they hardly play a role anymore. Especially when the supermarket is further away from your own home, z. B. the gasoline costs and the time invested in shopping are taken into account.

In our opinion it is Buying chips on the Internet is therefore an interesting alternative for shopping in the supermarket or grocery store. Especially with Discover new flavors and particularly cheapPricesandSpecial offers the consumer can benefit in a special way. Who constantly with crisps would like to be supplied, should however reorder in good time when your own supply is running out.

Interesting facts and advice

The history of the chips

Contrary to what many people think, that is Potato chip a relatively modern food. Naturally, history in Europe could only be after the Introduction of the potato to Europe start.
Even if the Native Americans are the nutritious tubers already appreciated and cultivated, they did not yet have today's modern options for their preparation. The main reason why the potato is so popular in Germany today is because Friedrich II in the 19th century ordered the Growing potatoes on a large scale in Prussia. His goal was to avoid another famine, as he could use the nutritious potential of the easily Potatoes that can also be grown in difficult soils recognized. This only succeeded with great effort, as the farmers were initially not convinced of the benefits of the new plant, but in the end the venture was successful. That way, the Potatoes made their widespread use in German cuisine and culturein which it has retained its place to this day.

The actual chipThe way many people know and appreciate it today probably originated by chance when preparing potatoes. All that was needed was accidental Deep-frying a thin slice of potato. The actual origin is no longer easy to understand, but a corresponding recipe can already be found at the beginning of the 19th century in one popular in Britain at the time Cookbook by William Kitchinger. According to legend, the Potato chip on the other hand, invented by a chef in a New York restaurant when a customer asked for particularly thinly sliced ​​potatoes. As far as we know today, it is unlikely that this is actually the actual inventor of the bis Snacks so popular today acted. Whether and to what extent the Potato Chips was prepared before the publication of William Kitchinger's book, however, is unknown.

The invention of themexicanCorn chips, theNacho, however, will be the Attributed to Chef Ignacio Anayawho gave his American guests what appears to be the first meal of this kind in the 40s of the last century. Many visitors liked it “Nacho”, a shortened version of his actual first name. Little by little, his nickname became synonymous with the snack he had invented. TheNacho cheese For many lovers of this snack it is an integral part of such a dish.

Nowadays the Nachos however, similar to Potato Chips, also sold in bags and enjoyed apart from hot meals with a suitable sauce for a variety of leisure activities.
Will be in Germany Corn chips nowadays from various manufacturers and supermarket chains as Alternative to the potato chip sells and are also very popular.

Numbers, data, facts about the chips

Included on average 100 grams of potato chips about 500-600 kcal. The fat content varies depending on the production process. Particular attention should be paid to this value in particular people who, for one reason or another, need to watch their diet. As with all nibbles, however, excessive indulgence is not advisable. Alternatively, there are also preparation methods whose result is proportionate low fat chips are.

Alternatives to chips

French fries are also obtained from potatoes, but they are fried potato sticks. These usually have a somewhat softer consistency. French fries are more likely to be taken with warm main meals, crisps on the other hand, mainly as a leisure snack for in between or social events. There are, of course, geographical and cultural differences.

Especially withFilm enjoyment many people prefer thatPopcorn compared to the crisps. Others decide spontaneously which of the two snacks they want to enjoy the next DVD or Blu-ray evening.
But alsoNut mixes like the so-calledTrail mix are still very popular.

Alternatively there are of course many others Sweets and nibbles to select. crisps In the classic sense, their lovers usually convince with the spicy, hearty taste.

Useful accessories

For sociable parties, special colorfully decorated snack bowls with the respective crisps be filled.

Who likescrispshimselfdo can do a specialPotato cutter use. This divides a skewered potato z. B. when operating a crank independently (depending on the device) into a spiral or wafer-thin disks. These then only have to be prepared appropriately. This makes preparation easier, as cutting, in particular, is often a tedious job.

Who hiscrisps with pleasureseasoning, who can order light or non-spicy variants and apply the desired spice mixture in the desired amount himself. However, not all of them can do this Chip recipes be imitated as the crisps are already pre-fried and therefore, with deep-frying yourself (and e.g. the selection of the oil), an essential component of the preparation is missing. Alternatively, you can also different sauces buy them or make them yourself, in which the crisps can be dipped while enjoying the film. It is advisable to have their own small dip bowls ready for their guests.

Who atChildren's birthdays and similar occasions Chips and similar nibbles want to do without, alternatively z. Bellyfreshcutfruit ready for his little guests. However, the success of this depends heavily on the invited guests. Usually it is advisable to have at least a few To have nibbles in stock or to offer both simultaneously.


Don't belong in vain Potato Chips still to the ones in Germany most popular snacks. Just that Diversity of this nibblethat is no longer limited to potato products is what makes it so interesting.
From sweet chocolate chip until fiery and spicy chili chip there is something for every type. Also Nachos or corn chips find a lot of friends with the appropriate sauces at parties or other occasions.

Further links and sources

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Declaration by the Federal Association of the Confectionery Industry on acrylamide levels in potato chips

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