Can be rich, can be ugly

Anyone who can choose from this selection deserves our respect!

If you could choose ... What would you be? How would you be Where would you be Because you have to choose here.


Or nope. Do not you have to. But since you've already clicked on it somehow. We all know these “this or that” questions with endlessly gossiped questions like “coffee or tea?” And “house or apartment?”. Yes, we're getting fed up with it too. However, every now and then there are questions that also make us wonder.

Strangely, these questions always offer the absolute best, or the absolute worst, for us. After all, what would be more difficult than choosing between two things that you both want to have or that you both don't want? How should people see you How do you want to be perceived and how would you like yourself to be? And theoretically, such difficult questions can be derived from quite simple "This or That" quizzes. There you look, huh?



So would you rather ...


  1. To be poor in the United States or poor in Austria?
  2. To be poor in the United States or in England?
  3. Get punched in the face by Flash or Bruce Wayne (Batman)?
  4. Be quantitative or qualitative? In all situations.

  5. To be feared or respected by everyone?
  6. Blessed with a rich but stupid "you" or with a poor but intelligent "you"?
  7. Be rich and ugly or poor and handsome?
  8. Be rich or famous?
  9. Be rich or have super powers? (AND NO, both are not possible)
  10. Be sexist or racist?
  11. Be single or in a relationship?
  12. Be smart and achieve little or be stupid and achieve a lot?
  13. Be smart or attractive?
  14. Suffer from itching forever or always have everything stuck to you?
  15. Be strong or intelligent?
  16. Stop aging from 18 years or from 50?
  17. To be locked up in a room for a long time with a “smart-ass” or a “nonsense”?
  18. To be locked in a room with Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler?
  19. On a lonely island with O.J. Simpson or Donald Trump stuck?
  20. Be the fastest person or the strongest person on earth?

  21. The next Einstein or be happy all the time?
  22. Be ugly and live forever or be attractive and only live one more year?
  23. To be underpaid or overrated?
  24. Getting your heart broken really bad or always being single?
  25. Be a vegan or a vegetarian?
  26. Be wealthy thanks to something you hate or be poor and do something you love?
  27. Be wise and unhappy, or stupid and happy?
  28. Be wise or intelligent?
  29. To be with someone because of passion or because of stability?
  30. Having to do without the internet for a month or without your spouse?
  31. Be the second choice of your first love or the first choice of your second love?
  32. Be yourself (but nobody likes you for that) or not be yourself (but everyone loves you for that)?
  33. Have a nice (steady) girlfriend or a nice, courteous girlfriend?
  34. Have a nice partner or a smart one?
  35. Become a cyborg or die right now?
  36. One of the apocalyptic horsemen or Galactus (world destroyer and planet eater)?
  37. Have a beer with Trump or Putin?
  38. Working with Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg?
  39. Book a pre-designed trip or redesign your own travel route from scratch?
  40. Break someone's heart or get their own heart broken?
  41. Buy a car or pay off your debt? (Also future debts)


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