How unpredictable can life be


  • ↗ adventurous (assumption or similar) ↗ research (statement) ↗ daring (assumption or similar) ↗ bold (assertion) part (thesis)
  • not sure (to be) · not necessarily applicable (must) · ↗ uncertain (to be) ↗ uncertain (to be) ● also different (can come) inf., variable · cannot go to inf. · not said (to be) inf. · do not have to agree inf.
  • controversial · to be debated (d) ● thin ice fig. · ↗controversial Austrian · ↗ controversial fig. · ↗controversial main form · The scholars argue about this. coll., saying · controversial, juristic
  • ↗ (something) to doubt · (something) cannot believe · ↗ (someone) comes (considerable) doubts ● (also) at the risk of getting too close to you, (I would like to say anyway ...) go, variable· (That) may apply or not infinitely, variable · I dare to doubt that. coll., clichéd · I hear the message, but I lack faith. (Quote) go. · I don't want to offend you (but ...) coll., Clichéd · Whoever believes it will be happy. ugs., expression · I have my doubts (there). · who knows if that's true ... inf.
  • to challenge criticism · to make (oneself) vulnerable ● to move (oneself) on thin ice fig.
  • (a) shaky affair ● to build on sand fig. · Have built on sand fig. · Stand on feet of clay fig. · Stand on unsteady feet fig. · Stand on unsteady feet fig. · (To be) a rickety box coll., Fig.