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The 7 Biggest Benefits of a Niche For Freelance Copywriters

Imagine you have one Online shop for baby items. Would you rather hire a copywriter to do the writes about everything and "like to familiarize yourself with new topics" - from technology to recipes to marketing? Or someone who specialized in the baby industry is and has often written about pacifiers, diapers and Co.?

You would definitely choose Specialists decide. Because you trust him more, feel connected to him and don't have to worry whether he can immerse himself in your industry or not. The texter's specialization reduces your riskthat something is going wrong with the texts! And this security is also worth more to you.

As a copywriterfocus on one or more niches, has countless advantages - for you AND your client. Specialized copywriters are more in demand, earn more, and have more fun at work. Why? You can find out here:


7 unbeatable niche benefits for copywriters


1. More fee

Well paying customers, e.g. B. large producers of baby products want with specialists and not with generalists work together. They are willing to spend more money on your texts because they will benefit from it promise more value. You can ask for higher fees because your knowledge is for your customers more valuable is!


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2. Better marketing

With a niche position you yourself to your target group as Expert in your industry. Your marketing will be many times over more efficient be because you know exactly whom you have to address, how and where. It's easier to identify and find your target audience, and to convince them with the right arguments. Get into the baby industry!


3. Less acquisition

You have to do less acquisition because potential customers are you find it online by yourself and will write to you. Plus you will be within the industry recommendedwhen you do a good job. Over time, you will even have to turn down assignments because you booked up and are no longer lagging behind in time. Unfortunately, the small diaper shipping will have to wait until you have the time!


4. Better customers

Copywriter, the one specialization have, automatically pull the right customers at. And by that I mean customers who pay well, your performance to appreciate and you at eye level to treat. After all, you work in the same industry as them: you are more colleagues as client and employee. You can chat about the latest breast pumps and cribs!


5. More enjoyment of work

By specializing in your niche, you are only overwriting Topics that interest you. Research doesn't feel like work because you're excited about the topic. The work does more fun and is easier for you to do. You don't have to constantly familiarize yourself with new areas andwork fasterbecause you already know the matter. You can write 1,000 words about baby bump photos in one hour!


6. Part of a community

Your niche is your community. You could on relevant events and conferences your industry (is there a baby expo?) to win new customers directly. You can too Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, XING and LinkedIn Looking for like-minded and potential customers, e.g. B. in appropriate groups. And of course you follow that biggest blogs your industry - and diligently share and comment on its content to draw your target customers' attention to you!


7. Enthusiastic customers

With a specialization you position yourself as first point of contact for texts in your niche. You understand the subject matter, problems and language of your customers. They come to you by themselves; do not have to laboriously familiarize yourself with it because you already know your way around, and are happy to have found you: Finally someone who can write in depth about strollers!


7 specialized copywriters who show you how

Is it all just pipe dreams and wishful thinking? By no means! These niche copywriters show that it is possible to focus on just a single branch to specialize. I know some of them personally and I know that they are always well booked! And from my own experience I can confirm how many Advantages of a niche for freelance copywriters may have.

Sarah Satt (food)

Vacation writer (travel)

medical texts (medicine)

Ludwig Mertens (technology)

IT copywriter (IT)

Purely Content (Health)

Pet Copywriter (Pets)


Not all sectors are alike!

A niche mustnot necessarily an industry be - I define niche as specialization. You don't offer everything for everyone, but become an expert in one area. How about if you can rely on a Text art how do you specialize Instagram captions, podcast show notes or messenger bots? Or a specific one target group? What do you want to be known and recommended for? On my blog you will find 7 ways to stand out from your competition.

Do you have a niche and if so, which one?

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