What is linoleum made of


In the next step, the linoleum cement is kneaded with cork flour, wood flour, limestone powder and color pigments. The composition - approx. 40 percent by mass of linoleum and cork / wood flour, approx. 20 percent by mass of chalk - largely corresponds to the original recipe of Frederick Walton, an English chemist who developed linoleum around 1860. The kneading process requires great care, because the quality of the finished topping depends on the intimate mixture and connection of the individual components. The fine-crumbly, homogeneous linoleum mass is prepared in the desired color and design and pressed onto the jute carrier using large calenders.

The raw linoleum is transported directly from the calender to the maturing or drying chambers. At this point, it is not yet suitable for use as a floor covering. Only weeks of heat treatment give it the required strength. The linoleum sheets are hung in endless loops in the approx. 20 m high ripening chambers, where they ripen for two to four weeks, depending on the thickness of the covering, with the supply of warm air. This process is time-consuming and costly, but it cannot be accelerated without the quality of the material suffering.

The finished linoleum covering is usually provided with an acrylic dispersion at the factory. The surface finish protects against building dirt and scratches. Without this refinement, which closes the pores, the goods would be sensitive to dirt and difficult to clean.

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