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Tom Brady's 20 years of patriotism

April 28, 2020. How well is Brady doing in the top career lists at 20 years of patriotism? Is he really the GOAT, not only the most successful but also the best player of all time? On the Super Bowl records, Brady has the most passing yards, touchdowns (18), MVP awards (4) and wins (6). When it comes to the regular season records, the competition is far greater. With most wins and the sensational win rate of almost 78%, he is way ahead of all other quarterbacks.

Is that enough to make you the greatest player of all time? A look at the leaderboards shows that in the long NFL history, a small group of quarterbacks stands out in particular. These include Drew Brees, Joe Montana (because of the Super Bowl records), Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Brady. But has a player dominated so much that he undoubtedly deserves the title of greatest of all time?

In both passing yards and touchdowns, Drew Brees and Tom Brady overtook Peyton Manning last season. In the seasonBest list is Manning with 5,477 yards just ahead of Brees. Brady scored 5,235 yards in 2011, making him third all-time among the season's bests. Brady averaged 4,143 yards and 30 touchdowns per season in his eighteen seasons.

In the passer rating, Aaron Rodgers is not only in the career, but also in the seasonbest list front (122.5). Brady ranks fifth in the career and season best scores. He achieved the season value in 2007 when the Patriots put down a perfect regular season and Brady threw 50 touchdowns, which he also held the season touchdown record for a few years.

The master of the safe pass is Drew Brees. Also the seasonbest list dominates Brees like no other. Five of the six top seasonal values ​​belong to him and the season record with 74.4%. Brady can't keep up with that, with 68.9% he is 27th on the season's best list, All-Time at least twelfth.

Making few mistakes is one of Brady's great strengths. Drew Brees and Peyton Manning are far worse here, and in terms of odds, only Aaron Rodgers is better than Brady. Brady only threw an interception for 1.8% of his passes, Brady threw an average of ten per season. Manning averages 15, Bree's 13 interceptions per season.

Brady also had a few pick sixes in his career. In the 20 patriots years Brady threw only 14 interceptions, which led directly to an opponent touchdown, Brees and Manning threw almost twice as many, they are both in second place with 27 all-time. Only Brett Favre was worse with 31 pick sixes.


* A season counts as a season in which the quarterbacks played at least nine games. Brady is known to have missed two seasons. In the rookie season 2000 he was only used once for a short time, in 2008 he tore his cruciate ligament in the first game of the season.
* All leaderboards for odds (passer rating, completion%, interception%) only consider quarterbacks with at least 100 season games.
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