Why is the American education system broken

Bill Gates is concerned about the US education system

Last week, Microsoft chairman had targeted the Visa practice in the US and called for a liberal regulation, yesterday, Monday, the entrepreneur settled accounts with the US education system. "Our high schools are out of date. By that I don't just mean that the buildings are broken, a lot of defective and underfunded. By that I also mean that they don't teach our children what is necessary today," said Gates.

This put the US's technological lead over fast-growing countries like China at risk. "Politicians in our country must strive to restore our leadership position in education and generally take care of growth," said the Microsoft founder. He complained that the number of engineers in the United States was stagnating. And again he criticized the Bush administration for making it almost impossible as a talented foreigner to study at US universities due to the restrictive visa requirements.

In terms of donations in the course of the presidential election campaign in November 2004, Microsoft clearly preferred the Democratic candidate, John Kerry: According to the Financial Times Germany Bush's Republicans received only 33 percent of the Microsoft donation, making the company's total donation $ 2.4 million. (tol)

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