What was NASA's craziest project

NASA explains: This is behind the space film with Tom Cruise

What initially sounded like a totally crazy crazy idea could actually soon become a reality! Just a few days ago, "Mission: Impossible" star Tom Cruise announced that he wanted to shoot the first action film in space. Also on board: technology visionary Elon Musk with his space company SpaceX. Now NASA is actually giving the official Go!

As Jim Bridenstine, NASA administrator, via Twitter announced, the National Aeronautical and Space Administration is now officially working with Cruise and wants to enable the actor to travel to the ISS space station.

As Bridenstine herself writes, it is also intended to promote science and the work of NASA.

It won't be a "Mission: Impossible" movie

We don't yet know which film it is exactly. However, anyone who spectated that we would get to see super agent Ethan Hunt in it was wrong. One thing is already certain: The extraordinary space odyssey will not be part of a new "Mission: Impossible" film. But no matter, because even so, Cruise should once again set new standards in action cinema.

So far, no further details about the project have been published. Before we can really talk about the first action film that was shot in space, a few things have to be decided.

A trip into space by Cruise alone is of course still a long way from having a feature film. There is not only a lot of money behind such a project, but also a lot of planning. After all, not only do other filmmakers have to go into space with the actor, but also technology that may first have to be invented ...

When we will see Cruises' great space adventure is still in the stars. But we can look forward to another film soon, in which the action star is aiming high. On December 23, 2020, he will return as the flying ace Maverick in "Top Gun 2".

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