How to exercise good judgment

The judgment

Is this a good idea? Should i really do this? Can i do it? These are questions that we ask ourselves every day in our subconscious to get through the day. Regardless of whether the question is whether you have to brake at the next bend or where you should put the next piece on a chessboard, we always need it everywhere our judgment, to guide us through the day.

How does judgment work?

Judgment is the ability to form one's own opinion. This is of enormous importance because you often have to make the right decisions due to external influences in order not to put yourself or others in danger. Without a good judgment, you would not be able to judge whether it is dangerous to run on a busy street.

Can judgment be influenced?

In fact, there are many ways to influence judgment, but these influences are mostly negative. We've all heard before that a drunken offender received a lesser sentence for having limited judgment. The same applies to people with dementia or other mental illnesses, since their judgment is considered to be severely limited, they are often assigned a person who is given the task of taking on complex legal issues for their own good.

How do I protect myself from deteriorating my judgment?

With alcohol and many other "soft" drugs, the limitations of judgment are not permanent, but one should still be aware of a healthy lifestyle. Among other things, many "harder" drugs can have a permanent negative impact and an unhealthy lifestyle increases the risk of many diseases that can also damage the brain and thus the judgment. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, preventive measures against old-age diseases are also advisable. It is often advised to remain active both physically and mentally, because the following applies to body and mind: "If you rest, you rust."

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