What are the side effects of chemtrails

Chemtrails poison the sky, but cigarettes can protect yourself

"Chemtrails" have become one of the most popular and popular conspiracy theories in recent years. Our skies would be poisoned, so the chemtrail fans: All over the world, planes would bring various toxins into the atmosphere. However, even the supporters of conspiracy theory do not quite agree on why this happens and, above all, who is responsible. But that's exactly what makes chemtrails so popular. Everyone can imagine their favorite enemy as the culprit.

Environmentalists complain about the chemical attack in the air. Peace activists see the alleged manipulation of the atmosphere as part of a global and secret "weather war" between the great powers of the world. Left-wing anti-Americanists have identified the USA as the power behind chemtrails, which are changing the world climate, infecting people with diseases or even secretly trying to vaccinate them. Right-wing anti-Semites are warming up their ancient theses of a secret Jewish world government that is now intervening in the fate of people using chemtrails, and by spreading toxins wants to reduce the population or at least manipulate their consciousness.

All are involved in the poisoning of heaven

On the relevant websites, such as the German Citizens' initiative "Clean Sky", you will find a long list of organizations allegedly involved in the conspiracy, ranging from secret services, banks and mountains of images to the UN, NATO and NASA. In the organization "Clean sky over Austria" on the other hand, one remains vague and speaks only of the "enemies of humanity" who are waging a "war against the majority of the earthly population".

Regardless of the purpose or originator of the chemtrails, the conspiracy theorists definitely agree on one thing: You just have to look at the sky to see the truth! The white stripes that appear behind many aircraft flying there can by no means be natural. They would behave very differently from the normal contrails. And above all: there was no such thing in the past!

You know that for example with "Weather Modification Journal" on the Internet: "In my childhood this dark blue sky was still quite normal, especially on warm summer days. The sky was blue and clouds basically had round shapes. Today they are also square and rectangular the straight lines of the artificial clouds. This artificial gray, low-hanging chemical ceiling that closes the whole sky has only been around for a few years (since 2012). And for about a year we have had this eternal high fog that only disappears at noon, which is also artificially produced. In my opinion, these are military experiments to defend against the most modern weapon technologies. "

Parliamentary FPÖ question on chemtrails

But it is not just some people in obscure corners of the Internet who are concerned about the secret manipulation of our skies. In a parliamentary question on September 6, 2013, FPÖ politician Norbert Hofer, who is now the third president of the National Council, is of the opinion that the clouds in the sky are not normal, and even has a (supposedly) scientific justification ready: "The one in the Artificial streaks in the sky, known colloquially as 'chemtrails', which can be clearly observed on spray days and can be clearly distinguished from normal contrails, consist mainly of a mixture of aluminum powder and the water-seeking barium salt. Together they form an electrical field. The mixture serves as a carrier substance and ensures the binding of barium and aluminum powder in the air. (...) After the days of spraying, the temperature usually drops and the sky remains unusually cloudy for a few days.

Perhaps it would have been good to first consult with real scientists who could then have explained to Mr. Hofer that you cannot generate an electric field by spraying any electrically neutral substances into the sky. You could have just asked the meteorologists. They might have taught Mr. Hofer the basics of cloud formation and explained to him that the streaks that appear behind the aircraft behave just like clouds do, and, depending on the weather, dissolve quickly or last for a long time. That the sky is no more or less blue than it used to be, and that although the volume of air traffic has increased, contrails are still contrails and thus completely normal clouds.

"Neo-Nazis and Crazy"

But scientific facts and rational explanations usually do not help much in conspiracy theories. The discussion is emotional and often ends aggressively. The German weather expert Jörg Kachelmann, for example, had a lengthy legal dispute with the chemtrail supporters because he called them "neo-Nazis and crazy" in an interview, which a court finally allowed him with reference to freedom of expression. At least in Germany, Kachelmann is probably not entirely wrong: Here it is the right-wing extremist NPD that wants to see the issue repeatedly dealt with in the state parliaments in which it is represented. Among other things, according to the late NPD MP Winfried Petzold, because this threatens the "national sovereignty" of Germany.

The great success of the chemtrail conspiracy is probably due to the skillful mixing of everyday life and threat. Something as normal as the weather is made the basis of a great danger to every individual. In addition, there is the exploitation of the general unease of the people towards "those up there", which thanks to the vagueness regarding the originators of the conspiracy can be wonderfully directed against the respective favorite enemy. Thanks to chemtrails, the responsibility for just about any problem can be shifted onto just about anyone.

Smokers as resistance fighters against chemtrails

In the end, that can get really obscure (or even more obscure than the whole thing already is). While researching the topic, I came across a surprising number of comments and videos that deal with a connection between chemtrails and smoking bans. Because, according to the proponents of this very special conspiracy theory, smoking is in truth not at all harmful to health. The nicotine would form a "protective film" over the lungs, which, among other things, protects them from the toxins released by chemtrails. The fact that governments all over the world are banning smoking and trying to make as many people as possible non-smokers is just another consequence of the great global conspiracy. Only when everyone has really given up smoking can the chemtrails develop their full potential.

In this worldview, smokers are real resistance fighters against the secret world government that wants to influence our health for dark reasons. And somehow the electronic cigarettes seem to be part of the whole thing. Whether they also protect against nasty chemtrail poisons or are another perfidious experiment of the anti-smoking / chemtrail conspiracy, in which people take on the role of airplanes and now blow toxic chemical clouds into the air themselves: One is not sure about that yet quite agreed.

It is definitely all very confusing. But maybe I was just too often in the "fresh" air lately and YOU have now also successfully influenced my consciousness ... (Florian Freistetter, September 1st, 2015)