What is the lightest steel pokemon

The earthquake is used for coverage to hit Steel-Pokémon like Cobalium or Impoleon, which resist its two STAB attacks, very effectively. On the second, the CP is not particularly high with a base of 80, but ideally Aerodactyl should not be attacked, as it strikes first. Ice Tooth is used to simply OHKOn common Dragon Pokémon such as Brutalanda or Knakrack. The Wet Tail, on the other hand, is not only enhanced by its ability, but also hits ground-level Pokémon such as Mamutel, Rabigator, Nidoking or Nidoqueen (although the last two are also very effectively hit by the earthquake) very effectively.

Toxin is a useful status attack to defeat popular walls like Mamolida or Suicune along with the mocker. View strategies and more for Aerodactyl on the Smogon Strategy Pokedex. Use Whirlwind to damage the foes team, while also finding out what their team is. Of course, this set can only really be used in sandstorms, because there the special defense of Aerodactyl reaches over 300 points. The characteristics couldn't be much better (even if Pure Power-Aerodactyl were divine): Steinhaupt cancels the recoil damage from risk tackle. Aerodactyl cannot actually be made effective by anything - earthquakes, hail of stones, risk tackle and power reserve {flight} hit everything, which is why one is dependent on prediction. Firestorm is a good option to defeat Forstellka quickly, despite the low special attack, while the stone edge is simply a strong attack to be able to attack offensively. Do you know any other movesets? Aerodactyl comes with its wings to a maximum speed (with essence) of 394.

This variant feels particularly good in offensive teams, as it is there that it can most easily develop its full potential. It is imagined to have been the king of the skies in ancient times. The resting place offers Mega-Aerodactyl a reliable healing to stay in the game longer. The wet tail, on the other hand, is also used for coverage, which is also reinforced by the force of the claws in order to hit bulky ground-type Pokémon such as Skorgro or Hippoterus very effectively. Free fall is probably one of the best attacks in the whole VGC meta, as it allows you to take an opponent out of the game for a round and thus protect your partner, so to speak. Generation. This moveset was entered by a guest, checked by Steinkante is a good and above all strong rock STAB attack, which very much does flying, ice, fire and beetle Pokémon like Iksbat, Kyurem, Entei, Flampivian or Mega-Bibor effectively hits. Earthquake offers good coverage for hitting Steel Pokémon such as Cobalium, Duocles or Mega Stolloss very effectively. Pursuit, on the other hand, gives him a good opportunity to trap fragile Pokémon like Mega Bibor or Skelabra; another variant would be the Fire Tooth, which is reinforced by claw force, and Forstellka OHKOt or the Gnar (which is also reinforced) for a better match. To have up against Duokles, Cresselia and Zytomega. This makes it one of the fastest Pokémon. Water Pokemon, Panzaeron, and Ground Pokemon with lots of defense are always good choices, and you'll find movesets for these Pokémon here.

This prevents damage from recoil from recoil attacks such as risk tackle. This also makes Mega-Rexblisar and Mamutel a real threat, as these two often have the ice splinters in their moveset. But it has a ground immunity, so you can easily switch it into an earthquake.

Iron Head is Fairy, Ice and Rock type coverage with a chance to make the Foe Flinch and it is also powered up with Tough Claws or Earthquake is Electric type coverage.

Aerodactyl is a great pivot for offensive teams thanks to its typing, which grants it resistances to common types such as Fire- and Normal-type attacks; it also has reliable recovery with Roost, so it ... Earthquake and Stone Edge cover a lot of types of neutral hits. This ensures that the opponent uses 2 AP (attack points) per attack instead of one. These are Fire Tooth, which is often used for Pokémon such as Forstellka and Panzaeron, Ice Tooth, for dragons such as Knakrack and other Pokémon such as Skogro and Donnerzahn. Aerodactyl can be built into many teams because the team does not consider a hit 'n' so much Run Sweeper must take. Add to this his useful Talon Force ability, which increases physical attacks that make direct contact by 33%. items, abilities, natures and EVs. Some detail, including the intended game mode for your set, is also appreciated. With this one meets especially Latias, Simsala, Starmie, Gengar and Celebi very effectively. Unfortunately, it has the annoying weakness of the rock and takes 25% damage from camouflage stones. On the last attack slot you have to decide whether you want to have another attack move (for e.g. tentantel), or whether you want to restore KP every now and then. The following strategic movesets were entered by our users for Aerodactyl: This very experimental set is from Aerodactyl Recommended only for advanced players. His flight STAB does not do any better, because the only sensible attack is the aero ace, which receives the STAB and the claw balance bonus, but still has a basic strength of 60.

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