Is a Canon 700D better for beginners

Canon EOS 700D - My new SLR camera

I wrestled with myself for a long time, but now I've got my first digital SLR camera with the Canon EOS 700D *.

In the following you will find out why I did this and what my first experiences with the 700D are.

I also show a few sample photos and my plans for future use.

Canon EOS 700D - My new SLR camera


I have owned a number of digital cameras in the past. For example the Panasonic DMC-TZ5 E digital camera, which served me well many years ago. Or the Samsung NX1000, which was a bit better as a bridge camera and had a few interesting features.

Nevertheless, in recent years I have felt more and more the desire to become a professional SLR camera to be able to take optimal photos. With my previous cameras, I simply lacked a lot of setting options and the quality of the photos was not quite what I wanted.

Now the time has finally come and I have the Canon EOS 700D after doing a long research and shortlisting various cameras.

The data of the EOS 700D


Canon's EOS 700D is a semi-professional SLR camera for beginners in professional photography that is quite popular. At 18.5 megapixels, the optical resolution of the CMOS sensor (22.3 x 14.9 mm) is good, but of course there are even better sensors. Nevertheless, this sensor offers a very good quality, especially if you don't plan to print large posters or placards.

But of course the megapixels are not the only decisive factor for the quality of the photos. On the contrary, other factors play a major role and these were also a reason why I chose this camera.

So this camera has a lot of possibilities to make my own settings, which I'm just about to discover and try out. The quality of the recordings and the equipment also convinced me at the price for which I got the camera.

Of course, there is always more here and you can certainly put down high four-digit amounts for absolute high-end models, but I find the price / performance ratio very good with this camera in particular.

Meanwhile, I also really enjoy working with different lenses, even if the supplied KIT lens is not the best. The quality is of course still very good, but when you use other lenses you will notice the difference. What I imagined a while ago to be annoying, now opens up unimagined possibilities, so that I can hardly wait to buy a new STM lens. But more on that in another article.

The comfort of the camera is also very good. It lies perfectly in the hand, has an extremely fast shutter release with a great autofocus, very good image stabilization with the right lens, and a rotatable and swiveling touchscreen that offers very good quality and is multi-touch capable.

The camera also offers full HD video, 5 frames per second continuous shots, integrated creative effects and very good image quality in low-light situations. The latter in particular was one of the first things that I noticed positively about the camera and what made it stand out from my previous cameras. The ISO sensitivity is in the range from 100 to 12,800. Of course, the integrated flash has no profile level, but is completely sufficient for now.

Of course, the camera is not perfect either, since it is more of an entry-level model in digital single-lens reflex technology. The autofocus is not particularly fast in live view. However, I never use the live view (i.e. via the touchscreen), but always look through the viewfinder.

Why did I buy it?

For some time now I have been taking photos a lot more, e.g. for my board game blog. For this I take photos of games and this is where the previous cameras were already reaching their limits. But image quality is very important for such a project. So far, I have been only partially satisfied with the quality of my photos, especially in rooms and with partially artificial light. This works much better with the new camera.

I also have one or the other project or niche website where I would like to take more photos in the future. Here, too, I really want a very good image quality.

Last but not least, I would also like to do more in the area of ​​videos and I needed a different solution for this too. The Canon also convinces with a very good quality of video recordings.

In short, as a blogger and website owner, I wanted to focus more on photos and video, and that just needs a high-quality camera, which is why I chose the EOS 700D.

Sample photos

Of course you want to see some photos with my new camera. That's why I've listed some of them below. Clicking on the preview image will take you to the larger version of the photo, on which you can better see the details.

My future fields of activity

I already indicated above the purposes for which I bought the camera.

I will take a lot of photos for my board game blog, but nature photos will also be on the plan. After all, here on I want to write more about photography itself in the future, and of course I have to gain experience and know-how myself.

In addition, there will be one or the other new niche website where I would like to focus much more on photos and videos than before.

Conclusion on the Canon EOS 700D

I am very satisfied with my Canon EOS 700D * after the first few months and look forward to every new opportunity to take photos.

In the future you will see more photos on my websites and blogs that I took with it and of course I will report on my experiences and give practical tips.

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