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Slowly but surely

The first years of learning may not be the most pleasant for parents or roommates of violin beginners, but when everyone has made their way through the crooked plumage, the violin enchants and rewards with its wonderfully clear sound. So don't be afraid to start, because it's really worth it! By the way, you can also take lessons for other string instruments such as cello or double bass with us; Simply write in the registration form for the trial lesson which instrument you would like to learn.

Which genres?

The violin is often used in classical music, but it can also be found in jazz and folk music from numerous cultures. There are even many variations on the violin for pop music. There actually no wishes remain unfulfilled!

Which violin suits me?

The violin grows with the students, so there are models in different sizes for different body sizes. So it pays to buy a good violin, especially when the growth is complete and you can keep your favorite instrument for a long time. If you don't want to buy a new violin all the time, we also have the option to rent instruments.

Brief information

  • from 5 years
  • Individual or group lessons
  • Band and ensemble
  • Wooden and electric violin