What brain chemical makes us angry


Many could say that about themselves every day.

And I don't mean ostensibly the state of mind, but rather the body.
Because a big topic of our time is the one-sidedDiet that also consists mainly of acid-forming foods.

An over-acidic body can be a good breeding ground for many ailments and diseases.
Permanent and strong acidosis can manifest itself in the form of various diseases and chronic ailments, such as rheumatism, osteoarthritis, gout, neurodermatitis, osteoporosis, muscle pain, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, cardiac arrhythmias, allergies and, in the worst case, cancer .

As with everything, it is the balance of mind and body that keeps us healthy.
A healthy diet alone will not make your cells dance for joy if you have a negative attitude towards life and are constantly worried and negatively stressed.
Just as a positive attitude towards life is not worth much less if you only feed your cells with junk over the long term.

Since the digestive system is even related to our emotional development, acidification and other digestive disorders also affect our mood.

The body tries as best it can to regulate the acid-base balance independently.
But he can only do this up to a certain point.
It is therefore important to keep your body in a good pH value again and to eat more consciously.

This pH range is neutral at a value of 7.
The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. All values ​​below 7 are acidic and all values ​​above 7 are basic.
Generally speaking, the body has different ph values ​​in different areas. The blood should z. B. have a pH of 7.35 - 7.45.
While the muscles and the cells of the organs are normally slightly acidic with around pH 6.9. However, it is important for the cells to be constantly deacidified.

A healthy environment, so it has an overall slightly basic (alkaline) pH value. Therefore, for a smooth metabolism, both inside and outside the cells, the weakly basic pH range, in which most metabolic reactions take place optimally, must be maintained.

To achieve this, a balanced diet consisting of at least 75% alkaline foods should be followed. In addition, it is also important for this to provide the body with sufficient water.

Acid-forming foods are not all sour-tasting foods. The lemon, for example, which contains a lot of acid, is a very base-forming food, so it is metabolized in the body in an alkaline way.

Also, not all acid forming foods are equally unhealthy. On the contrary, there are many very healthy acid-forming foods out there.

A distinction is made between good acid-forming foods, which for the most part should also be part of a healthy diet, such as B. walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, pecans, macadamia, beans, lentils, chickpeas, dried peas, cocoa (without much sugar, preferably raw) corn, spelled, barley, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, in
small quantities of high-quality organic animal products e.g. B. Fish from organic aquaculture or organic eggs. Etc.

And bad acid forming foods, which of all foods should be consumed sparingly. z. B. Soft drinks (Cola, Fanta, energy drinks, etc.) Coffee, alcohol, meat from conventional animal husbandry, products made from gluten, sugary foods, sweeteners, pickles, mustard, ketchup, milk and dairy products, etc.
These are the foods most acidic in the body.

Often not clear ...

The pH value of a food can also vary depending on the processing, e.g. B. Change heating, degree of ripeness, preparation and other conditions.
The pH of fresh whey e.g. B. is between 6.5 and 7; ten hours later, the same whey has a pH between 2 and 3, which means it has become acidic. Whey powder is made from fresh whey and is therefore not acidic, whereas milk is acidic (acid-forming).
This is one of the reasons why the various lists sometimes differ from one another. Each table can only give guidelines! Depending on the variety, the following foods can be assigned to one or the other category.

Maple syrup
cottage cheese
Green tea
Herbal teas
olive oil
Brazil nuts
Raw milk
(not pasteurized)
Soy products
Sunflower seeds

Here is a list of acid-forming and base-forming foods at the heart of health.

It is best to combine the basic and acidic foods in the correct proportions on the plate.

A good organic steak with broccoli and potatoes, for example, is perfectly fine. So you have a mainly alkaline and delicious dish.

How can the Ph value be measured?

The ph value can be measured via the blood, the urine or the skin. Test strips for the urine test, for example, can be bought at the pharmacy.

In my opinion, excessive accuracy is not necessary. If you simply pay attention to eating more alkaline than acidic and do this with a good feeling, you will soon notice a difference physically and mentally.

When evaluating whether a food is good or bad for me, the basic or acidic metabolism of the food should not be considered. There are many other factors that make up a healthy diet. However, acidity is one of the most important aspects and has been ignored for too long.
In certain quantities nothing stands in the way of the consumption of acid-forming foods. It's all about that the diet nowadays consists almost exclusively of acid-forming foods and this is not exactly conducive to a long, healthy and happy life.

My insider tip in addition to an alkaline diet is called Barley grass, a very healthy and nutritious superfood. Which has a high basic value. I use it as a powder with water or in smoothies. You can even grow it yourself and give your health a boost in many ways. In addition, it improves your mood, among other things, because it contains a lot of tryptophan.

Conclusion: I think a more conscious diet, in general and more importantly, also with regard to the drastic acidification caused by today's, especially sugar-dominated diets, is ONE of the golden steps to a happy, healthy, holistic life and mental and physical fitness and balance. In further articles, I will further elaborate on the importance between the digestive system and mental fitness and feelings.

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