Is the fate predetermined

Fate: "Is everything just coincidence in our life?"

As for fortune telling, of course we all want to look around the corner into the future sometimes. Because we know that insecurity is part of life - or as Erich Kästner said: "Let's be honest, life is always life-threatening." Accident, illness, disability or death are possible at any time. So most of the time we just want to hear from fortune tellers that everything will turn out well. We are interested in whether we can expect to win the lottery soon or whether we will find our dream partner at some point. I don't think much of this speculation about the future. Rather, I think that we are challenged more than enough to react to the here and now and to detach ourselves from the past.

I don't know whether a fate is predetermined, whether our life is directed or whether everything is just a coincidence. Christianity assumes that God has the power to direct everything, but that we still have free will and thus bear responsibility. In the Eastern doctrine of karma, luck or bad luck are the result of previous deeds. In strokes of fate, one sees learning processes that support a person in the development of their personality and allow them to mature. Strokes of fate are therefore considered to be sensible.

Something similar applies to psychology and psychotherapy: anger, disappointment, sadness, despair and so on should be felt and also be expressed, but here, too, the following applies: Every crisis is also an opportunity for development. The resulting wisdom is: try to accept what life brings, make the most of it and be so open and attentive that you recognize and seize the opportunities that fate offers you.