What are some good basic tuning exercises

Vocal exercises

So that your voice is convincing with the best sound, I recommend some voice exercises. It is best to do these exercises right before a performance, early in the morning and over and over again during the day.

Voice exercise: integrating the body

Stand on tiptoe and stretch your fingertips toward the ceiling. Stretch and straighten for 10 seconds, enjoy your body. Then relax completely, shake your knees, back and shoulders, let your arms hang down, loosen your jaw and tongue. Allow space for the shaking movements throughout your body until your body shakes itself.

Voice exercises: make faces and circle your tongue

Circle your mouth with your tongue and, with your mouth open, slide your tongue over the inside of your lips and the outside of your teeth. The jaw hangs loose and relaxed. Then make three to four more grimaces with your face.

Voice exercise: loosen mouth and lips

Loose articulation through loose mouth and lips: Let the upper and lower lip flutter for about 30 seconds. That sounds like a horse snorting: Brrrrrrr. After the exercise, your lips and mouth should tingle a little.

Voice exercises: hearing yourself

Draw your attention to the sound of your own voice. To do this, place your hands behind your auricles and thereby increase your auditory perception. Speak or sound: hum "mmm ..." or "nnn ...", tell yourself a joke, list the names of the months, count to twenty or recite a poem. Pay attention to the sound of your voice.

Voice exercise: refine voice sound, develop resonance space

Hum any melody, e.g. a nursery rhyme, to "mmm" and then to "nnn". Place your hands loosely on your cheeks and pay attention to the different vibrations. Also feel it in the area of ​​your tongue, larynx, mouth, lips and nose.