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PIK personnel costs

► Circular from the Chancellor (November 28, 2014)

Since the end of November 2014, you can have the personnel costs, which are between 01.01. and October 31, 2014 can be viewed in the SAP portal "person-specific" with the help of the HÜL report. The use of the HÜL report is described in the following guide:

► Guide to household monitoring list (HÜL)

Please use the associated form to apply for the relevant roleInsight into personnel costs / HÜL. 

When assuming and booking the personnel costs for 2014, errors cannot of course be ruled out. Use the opportunity now to check the bookings. More necessary for reporting corrections the following Excel table is available:

► Correction of personnel cost postings

The list is only used to correct bookings that do not correspond to the original application (application for employment, application for refinancing, etc.). Please use one line for each error occurred if several errors occurred for one person.

If personnel cost entries are missing, please enter the surname, first name and correct financing of the relevant persons.

Please send the correction list by email to [email protected] and state either the faculty / central institution / department or your cost center in the subject of the email.