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He who laughs last, kisses best: Roman (German Edition)

he had spent most of the days at Hagg Lake. There on the beach he had also lost his innocence, under the stars under the full moon. Her name was Heather and she was already eighteen. For some people, the age difference would have been a problem. Vince wasn't one of them. He hadn't had any problem having sex with Heather all night.
He had always known he wanted to join the military but promised his mother that he would give college a try first. He got a lacrosse scholarship to Denver University, where he had played for two years. He'd never felt like this was his place in the world, though. But the day he walked into a Navy recruiting office, he felt instantly at home. He had just glanced at the mural of a SEAL team abseiling from a CH-53 onto a ship's deck against the background of the deep blue sea, and immediately had the feeling that he had seen his whole life on this wall.
At the moment, however, he lacked any clarity. A target. He was restless, which was never good. Restlessness led to bar fights and worse. There were worse things than getting kicked in the ass by a bar full of bikers. Worse than an explosion that ended everything they fought so hard for. Worse than the hearing loss in his left ear.
He was a SEAL. A shadow warrior, and getting kicked in the ass by nightmares, waking up cold and drenched in sweat at night, was worse than anything he had ever known.
But was a small gas station shop on the ass in the world in Texas what he needed to get clarity? Did he really want to perish in a small Texas town? For at least a year? Selling beer, gasoline, and wound hounds while he got the place up and running?
He had briefly described the idea to his sister Autumn. She owned a successful event planning company in Seattle, and he'd been interested in her opinion on Aunt Luraleen's offer. The last time he had spoken to Autumn, she was overjoyed and had planned her wedding. With her puke from ex.
The same puke who got him out of jail after the biker bar fight and recommended him a super lawyer. Which meant he owed him, and Vince hated being in debt to others.
There were few rules Vince lived by, but they were set in stone. Always keep a clear head and keep your equipment in tip-top condition. Never leave a comrade behind and never owe anyone anything.

Wrapped in pink taffeta, Sadie stood second in the line of bridesmaids next to the heart-shaped arch made of wood and wire, which was covered with roses and tulle. Sadie fought the urgent need to pull up the top of her off-the-shoulder dress. When she tried it on, she had only been wearing it for a few minutes and hadn't noticed that it was hanging so low on her breasts. The other girls at the wedding didn't seem to mind, but Sadie had never been a fan of short and tight as it was neither convenient nor appropriate to her job. She wasn't used to clothes that pushed her bosom up and then out, but suspected that when she was in her early twenties she would have found the pink taffeta dress cute too. The other bridesmaids looked cute in it too, but she was thirty-three and felt ridiculous.
"If anyone can show the right reason why they should not be connected, speak now or be silent forever," said the pastor as he approached the middle part of the ceremony.
Just behind Sadie, bridesmaid number three, Becca Ramsey, muttered something and sniffed softly. Becca's boyfriend Slade had been caught cheating with "that bitch Lexa Jane Johnson" the night before, which Becca hadn't coped well with. She had already arrived at the chapel of the Herzliebchen wedding palace with red, puffy eyes and a wet nose. While they'd all sat in their styling chairs getting their hair and makeup done, Becca had howled, moaned, and rested until Tally Lynn had fed up. With big hot curlers in her blonde hair, freshly glued on fake ones