How can a 360 degree video change education?

360 ° VIDEOS

BMW, Pepsi, McDonald`s, Nike, Honda, Lufthansa - just a few Global player,not open for free 360 ° videoput. "Since Hans Knaus' 360º tracking shot from Kitzbüheler's" Streif ", 360 degree videos have finally become known in Austria as well." (Http:// -videos / 1,052,619)

Similar to one360 ° panorama photo360 ° videos cover the complete field of view of 360 ° x 180 ° from. This gives the viewer the opportunity to determine his own perspective while the film is being played; if you pause, the video becomes a 360 ° photoand remains controllable. This is not only possible by using a VR headset ... On the online video platform YouTubeFor example, 360 ° videos can be published and operated with a mouse click.

The interactive YouTube Videos also part of the Content seedings. This promotional marketing tool has great potential, particularly in the areas of tourism and trade. (

The incomparable expressiveness and the haunting experience of 360 ° videos have even paved the way for the format into the mass media. ZDF viewers could during the Summer Olympics 2016 in RioImmerse yourself live and directly into the action with the help of 360 ° recordings and experience the flair of Copacabana up close.

In late July, the world's largest, international, multimedia news agency announced ThomsonReuters known to have partnered with Samsung. In the future, high-quality VR and 360 ° content will be created under the project name “Focus 360”, which will meet the changing demands of your customers. According to their homepage, news agencies will also be more and more dependent on captivating 360 ° video and photo material in the future, which the viewer can use interaction invites and offers a special experience.