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Gujarati translation

Gujarati is mainly spoken in Gujarat, one of the wealthiest states in India, as well as in neighboring states and in Mumbai, one of the most populous cities in the world. With its excellent infrastructure and established industrial locations, Gujarat is becoming more and more attractive for foreign investors. With its important oil industry, the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and cement and the processing of cotton, Gujarat is one of the economic centers of India. The economy in Gujarat has grown rapidly in recent years, 19 percent of the total Indian gross domestic product is generated in the Indian state. Gujarati translations can help international companies successfully enter this thriving market.

In Europe, Indians are the largest immigrant group in the United Kingdom. There are an estimated 1.5 million Indians living in the UK today. Most of the Indian population lives in London. In 2018, on the other hand, there were just over 124,000 Indians in Germany, and they therefore represent a minority in Germany.

The Translation People can cater to customer needs by providing high quality Gujarati translations in a wide range of subject areas such as business & law, medicine & pharmaceuticals, industry & mechanical engineering, IT & telecommunications.

German-Gujarati translation

The Translation People's translations from German to Gujarati and vice versa are carried out by our translation experts. We cover a wide range of topics in the public and private sector. Our German-Gujarati translators have many years of professional experience in the field of translation and only translate texts into their mother tongue, including texts from the areas of e-learning, technology, law, pharmacy and finance. Our Gujarati translation services are valued for their quality, fast turnaround times, and experience with a wide variety of file formats.

If you have a translation project from German to Gujarati, request a quote or contact us.

Gujarati - Did you know?

Gujarati is spoken by 46 million people worldwide, the majority of whom live in India, where Gujarati is one of 22 official languages. Gujarati has its origins in the Indian state of Gujarat, where it has been spoken for thousands of years. Modern Gujarati was influenced by Sanskrit, Persian, and Arabic, although English has the strongest influence on the language today. Many terms from India found their way into German, for example veranda, bungalow and pajamas.

Gujarati has its own script, the Gujarati script. But in contrast to Hindi, in Gujarati there is no line that runs over the characters. This segmented writing system uses characters that each represent a specific consonant and vowel; the addition of small marks around the character means new combinations. The Gujarati language has been taught orally in the past, but efforts have been made in recent years to ensure that bilingual Gujarati dictionaries and teaching materials are available to non-native speakers. As a result, the number of Gujarati speakers in countries like the UK and the US is likely to continue to grow.

Why should you use us for Gujarati translations?

  • The Translation People takes advantage of translation memory and terminology software to reduce delivery times and costs for your translation projects from German to Gujarati and vice versa.
  • We deliver our Gujarati translations in almost every format, e.g. B. in the Microsoft Office suite, in QuarkXPress, Adobe PDF, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, HTML, XML and JSON.
  • Our Gujarati translators are qualified specialist translators and translate into their respective mother tongue.