How do I open a ml file

69er Heinz
Files with the extension .xml (Extensible Markup Language) can be opened with any text editor. The format was originally intended to replace HTML on the Internet, but is now used as the standard for data exchange between different programs.
There is also the freeware program Notepad ++, which brings some additional functions that are not included in the Windows text editor.
To find a program with which you can open xml files, you don't have to go to great lengths, because the necessary tool can be found on almost every PC. The xml files can be edited with any text editor, e.g. B. Open Notepad in Windows systems or the text editor in Windows systems. Other operating systems also have their own integrated text editors with which these files can be opened without any problems
You can easily open the text files ".xml" (Extensible Markup Language) with the Notepad / Wordpad.
It is also possible to open the file with your web browser.


For editing you can use e.g. Open XML Editor 1.6.4. This is free and easy to use.