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Can you get higher when vaporizing than when smoking?

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The answer is: yes, vaping gets you more high than smoking! Let's take a closer look at why this is so.


Researchers have shown that inhaling cannabis through a vaporizer can get you higher than smoking cannabis the same amount.


The study, which was carried out by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit (BPRU), tested the different effects on 17 participants who had previously smoked cannabis Vaping and smoking the herb.


In order to reduce their tolerance, participants were not allowed to use cannabis for 30 days before the test (although participants had smoked cannabis on average once in the previous year). In the six 8.5-hour sessions, participants were allowed to get high in the name of science.


The study was funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, but one of the researchers said he had previously received funding from cannabis-related companies for advice on the subject.


During each of the six sessions, the participants smoked or vaped a lot of cannabis with 0mg, 10mg or 25mg THC content. All participants smoked and vaped cannabis with all three THC levels over the six sessions, but were not informed of the amount of THC in each dose in order to avoid any influence while completing a questionnaire on the degree of impairment caused by cannabis .


In addition to having to assess how high they were, participants were also given a series of physical and cognitive tests during each high. For the study, pulse and blood pressure were measured ten times over a period of 8 hours and the participants were asked to complete tasks on the computer, for example copying shapes on the screen, doing simple addition tasks and simultaneously responding to two different stimuli with the mouse and keyboard had to react.

The results of this recent study show that inhaling 25 mg of THC will get you very, very, very high, regardless of whether the amount is smoked or vaped. The dosage caused two participants to vomit and another participant began to hallucinate. So if you consume 25 mg of THC, the amount doesn't do much harm, but it can have a strong effect on you if, for example, you only use cannabis once a month or after a long break.


For those who have smoked cannabis as well as those who have ingested the herb with a vaporizer, the majority of the drug effects - such as high pulse, dry mouth, red eyes, paranoia, and cravings - already have within the first hour the high point is reached after the high and sometimes has not completely subsided after 8 hours. Often these effects were clearly present hours after the THC concentration in the patient's blood had normalized again.


However, the effects of vaping cannabis have been shown to be stronger at each dosage.


"Vaporized cannabis causes significantly more intense subjective drug effects as well as greater cognitive and psychomotor impairment and shows a higher THC concentration in the blood than with the same amount of smoked cannabis",


According to the study, which was published on November 30, 2018 in JAMA Network Open magazine.


Weed consumed in a vaporizer resulted in significantly higher levels of THC in the blood, both at high and low doses. In addition, the vapers also made almost twice as many errors in the cognitive tests and experienced more negative effects of the drug (including dry mouth, itchy eyes, and paranoia) than the smokers.


Short and sweet:

When you vape weed, you get higher. And according to the researchers, the dosages weren't nearly as high as the commercially available amounts.


"The highest dose of cannabis administered in this study (25mg THC: 0.19mg; 13.4% THC) is much lower and contains less THC than commercially available pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes, which normally cost around 1, 0g cannabis and therefore often contain over 18% THC content ",


explain the researchers.


Despite the legalization of recreational cannabis in nine states in the USA and Canada, it should not be forgotten that even moderate amounts of THC can have a serious negative effect on the occasional user and that not all types of consumption guarantee the same effects.

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