Are the Modis guidelines for our country correct?


Speech given on April 19, 2021. The spoken word counts.

Beautiful good day
also from my side.

Robert, what you said I got on ours
2018 party convention. And I think so are many others.

Our joint start as a management duo,
and our motto at the time was: “And this is just the beginning.” At that time it was not yet clear that we would be here today.
But we knew where we wanted to go:
open the party,
a policy for the breadth of society,
inviting and with clear goals.
And so today begins a new chapter for our party.
If we do it well, for our country.

We have a clear idea of ​​a chancellorship for Germany.
I would like to make an offer here today with my candidacy.
For the whole of society.
As an invitation to lead our diverse, strong and rich country into a good future together.
For that, we have to be honest, major changes are necessary.
These changes are possible. But we also have to do it.

We have to do it for a country where daycare centers and schools are the best and strongest places.
A country where caregivers have the time and resources to truly care for sick people.
A country in which the state functions digitally.
Serves its citizens. A diverse and cosmopolitan country,
with a value-based and defensive democracy.
A Germany in the heart of Europe. And a country in which climate protection lays the foundation for prosperity, freedom and security.
Climate protection that commuters from the village, single parents with low incomes and industrial workers can also live with.

I was there on the historic evening of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference.
When Laurent Fabius, then French Foreign Minister and head of the conference, took the mallet and said:
"The agreement has been accepted," said delegates from 194 countries around the world in each other's arms.
My six-month-old daughter was lying next to me in the stroller. I looked at her and knew that she would be 35 years old in 2050, the year for which the Paris Conference set its major goals. She may have children of her own.
And back then, in Paris in 2015, I asked myself: Will we have fulfilled our promise to create a climate-friendly society by then? I want that.

Climate protection is the task of our time,
the task of my generation
and accordingly I want the policy of a new federal government to make climate protection the benchmark for all areas in order to achieve Paris.
All of this now requires the courage to really do things differently.
The future is not something that just happens.
We have it in hand. That’s why I’m here.

We have heard too often what doesn’t work. But what counts is what is possible and what is possible.
It is precisely this claim, this offer that Robert Habeck and I have carried into the party and throughout the country over the past few years.
Change instead of promising.
Now is the time to lead good government on that note.

Politics always work in the concrete and must therefore also be made out of the concrete.
In so many places there are so many examples where the new is already a reality:
The health region, which in a pilot project ensures that everyone in rural areas is well cared for - because doctors and nurses work together with therapists.
The municipality that actually gets its supplies from 100 percent renewables.
The school, which has been completely digitized and not only has the school kitchen but also the music association on board.
So it works.

But all of this only works because exceptions to stuck old rules have been created.
In exception mode alone, however, we do not get any further.
It is important to create new rules, so that the progressive, the best, becomes the new standard.
There is so much in this country:
So many people who contribute, so much innovation and passion, so much courage and so much energy.

I want us to unleash this power.
That we make the best possible in this country:
For the competitiveness of European industry,
for our middle class,
for the craft.
and for a living culture.
To do this, we have to invest in our country:
In research and innovation,
in police stations and courtrooms, in digital administration and in high-speed internet.
All of this requires change.
But change is only possible if we too
maintain a different political culture,
in which one values ​​oneself,
takes critical voices seriously,
and not working against each other, but with each other.

A green candidate for chancellor stands for a new understanding of political leadership:
decisive and transparent - capable of learning and self-critical.
Democracy lives from change.
Yes, I have never been Chancellor or Minister.
I stand for renewal, others stand for the status quo.
I am deeply convinced that this country needs a fresh start in order to get through this new decade well. With the on-site driving of the last few years:
"We have always done it this way",
"Well, where there is no other way, let's just turn a few screws", we get no further.
I want to offer:
A policy that anticipates what is new,
who listens to people and trusts them.
A policy that, despite the need to make tough decisions, remains empathetic and humane.

I come from a generation that is no longer young, but not old either.
A generation that has grown up in a united Germany and in a common Europe.
Generations before us have worked hard to build the foundation on which we stand.
Our task now is to carry what has been achieved, what is good, and what is best into the future.
For me, the bond between the generations is the basis for a strong society.

Young people who forego freedom, closeness, new experiences - everything that makes being young - in order to protect grandma and grandpa.
Grandparents who worried for months about not experiencing Easter can now - freshly vaccinated - finally see their grandchildren again and test them in the morning before school.
Pensioners demonstrate with teenagers for climate protection, because it doesn't leave them indifferent to how the neighborhood children will live 30 years from now.
That is solidarity in action. And that's the way I do politics.
I know how great the responsibility is, how high the expectations of us, of me.

What is coming will challenge us as a party. It won't always be easy.
But if we do it together, I am in good spirits.
Together - that doesn't just mean Robert Habeck and me. This is us as a party ALLIANCE 90 / THE GREENS as a whole -
and above all a society that is so much further than politics.
We only develop the greatest strength together.
Yes, many are exhausted after a year of the pandemic.
We feel tensions in society, of course there are different and conflicting interests.
But there are so many who are ready to take on responsibility, even beyond their own good, who finally want to shape it.

There is so much in Germany:
We invented the car and the bike
revolutionized the energy world.
We developed a vaccine under the greatest pressure and within a very short time.
Every day all over this country teachers, researchers and farmers, volunteers work for this society and grow beyond themselves.
Now is the time for politics to surpass itself.

This is my offer
this is our offer,
that's what we're up against.