How were batteries 10 years ago

Battery prices for e-cars have already fallen by 89% in 10 years

Ten years ago, the electrical energy from a lithium-ion battery cost 1110 US dollars per kwh. Meanwhile, that price has dropped almost 89% to $ 137 per kWh.

It makes sense to stick to the dollar with this information, as we have some of the highest energy prices in the world in Germany. The above-mentioned costs are composed not only of the costs of the battery, but also of the costs of the electricity.

Also, from the American perspective, the point where e-cars catch up with cars with internal combustion engines is around $ 100. It is already foreseeable that we will reach this point in a few years. Sometimes the year 2022 is mentioned, but sometimes only 2023.

The e-car is on the verge of a breakthrough for mass suitability. In fact, some electrical alternatives are already more cost-effective than their classic counterparts. For example, this is the case with some luxury SUVs in the US versus their internal combustion engine counterparts. Or also with e-buses in China.

However, the electricity here is also largely obtained from fossil fuels. So with SUVs and an economy that still relies largely on coal, the environment is of little help. In Germany, e-cars are now part of everyday life, even though fully electric cars are far from being efficient here. In everyday life, we usually still encounter e-cars in the form of hybrids. In particular, however, local public transport in large cities is increasingly relying on electric buses, which is a heavily subsidized area.

Nevertheless, the triumph of the electric car is certain. In Germany in particular, there is still a lot of skepticism about the electric car, but as soon as it is more cost-efficient than the car with a combustion engine, it will be suitable for the masses as if by itself. Then not only will the network of charging stations and the range of the cars have expanded, but there will also be models and offers in all price ranges.

As with all technologies, the price drops over time. It is quite possible that the price will then fall well over 90%. PCs and televisions are two examples of newer technologies, the price of which has also fallen over 95% over a period of 20 years.