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We document a call for donations for political prisoners in Turkey:

On April 14, 2020, the Turkish government passed a selective amnesty law due to the pandemic, with which it once again outdid itself in its cruelty. Although the amnesty law was intended to counteract the deterioration in the health of prisoners in prisons, Erdogan used this measure as a weapon to further tyrannize his "political opponents". Neither the increasing number of infected prisoners nor the confirmed deaths from Covid-19 prompted him to distance himself from his mesh of power. Erdogan's government is characterized above all by the introduction of special measures or states of emergency, including the amnesty law during the pandemic: the special amnesty law excludes political prisoners, namely those with “terrorism-related charges” from its scope. Often the only thing behind these charges is that the accused expressed a critical opinion about the form of government of the AKP. Through Erdogan's sole rule over the judiciary, executive and legislative branches, concepts such as freedom, justice or solidarity are emptied to such an extent that only the struggle for survival counts. The struggle for survival is evident not only in the prisons for political prisoners, but also in Kurdish society in the course of Erdogan's gruesome battle of annihilation in northern Syria. The incontestability of the Majesty Erdogan's, however, is not a Turkish specialty, because in their sole legitimacy state in principle do not recognize the position of their political opponents, otherwise the charges against individuals or groups would not be “criminal” or “terrorist organization”, which makes them political The defendants' motivation, which is worthy of recognition and ethically high, is denied and they appear as ethically inferior and unusually brutal “criminals” who deserve no sympathy or solidarity.

Contrary to this tremendous logic of the Erdogan regime, we would like to show the political prisoners in Turkey our enthusiasm for their criticism of the existing unbearable conditions and call on you to support them financially so that their legal fees are covered!

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