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Sven Bornemann, European Net-ID Foundation

The new makers met my expectations in 2018. The trade fair was extremely good: We, Net-ID, presented ourselves for the first time at Dmexco last year and were very satisfied from both an exhibitor and a visitor perspective. The number and quality of the discussions that we were able to hold tended to exceed our expectations.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to use the conference program. When I was walking through the different halls last year, I noticed that there were halls that were overrun by visitors, that is, they were completely overcrowded. Others, on the other hand, were rather small or not very well attended. I think the reason for this is the themed halls. Here Dmexco should rethink its concept and distribute the exhibitors differently.

This year too, Martin Sorrell will appear again as a speaker at the Dmexco. For me, as the former managing director of a WPP subsidiary, the British entrepreneur is always an absolute highlight of the digital fair with his analyzes and controversial points of view.
"Dmexco should rethink its concept and distribute the exhibitors differently."
Sven Bornemann, European Net-ID Foundation

Alexander Duphorn, CEO Goldbach Media Switzerland

The fair has become much more professional, which was particularly noticeable in the audience. When it comes to what I didn't like in 2018, it might be that Dmexco has now grown too big to let yourself drift away from what was possible and inspired in the early years. At such a dynamic trade fair I would like to see webcasts so that you can follow the presentations even though the conferences are all overcrowded and you have to “queue” very early to even get a seat. Like every year, I'm looking forward to our stand, our people and a lot of great contacts.

Dirk Görtz, Vice President Dialog Marketing Deutsche Post

The new makers and the 2018 program absolutely met my expectations. It was very inspiring to see innovators like Jim Squires, Head of Business and Media at Instagram, Tim Alexander, the CMO of Deutsche Bank, and Pieter Haas, CEO of Media-Markt, live. We draw a lot of inspiration for the challenges of the digital world from these individual success stories.

For me personally, companies that operate in the orbit of marketing automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence were particularly interesting - and these topics took up a lot of space. For me, the best practice experiences were particularly exciting: Episerver, for example, showed what a successful customer experience for top campaign results looks like - and designed its own "Speakers' Corner" for it.

Nevertheless, 250 hours of program and over 500 speakers are almost too much. You are often spoiled for choice when several exciting talks are running at the same time, as you cannot split up. From my point of view, less would be more here. For this year, I would like to see the user perspective and less the global highlights in focus. The key question is: What do I take with me for my company, what are the lessons learned? More practical relevance in lectures and discussions would be a decisive added value for me.

The development of a content platform with which Dmexco will become a community in the future is particularly interesting. It makes perfect sense for me to develop the concept further in this direction. I'm curious to see how this will look not only live on site, but also in terms of preliminary reporting and review. If Dmexco were able to network the industry over 365 days in this way, I would find it extremely exciting.

Manfred Klaus, Managing Director and Partner Plan.Net Group

In 2018, Dmexco kept its role as the central industry meeting point also among the new makers and with a new program, the quality of the audience has increased, the feeling of the mass onslaught has been relativized in a positive sense. It was a shame that some relevant players in the market on the agency and marketing side were not there as exhibitors, such as Ströer or Group M. This year, less in the sense of doing differently, more in the sense of further development, that the Dmexco is the content -Formats further sharpened and made more relevant through a clearer orientation - a look at the program gives the impression that things are already going in the right direction.

I am particularly looking forward to two areas: On the one hand, good conversations in and around the content sessions at our stand in the World of Agencies on important trend topics such as customer experience management, retail media and AI in marketing. On the other hand, our panel on the "Redefinition of the CMO’s Role" with our Group CEO Florian Haller, who questions how the role of the agencies' most important contact person is changing in times of advancing digitization.

Bernd Wagner, Area Vice President EMEA Central Salesforce

With over 40,000 visitors from 40 countries and over 1,000 exhibitors, the numbers for 2018 were quite encouraging. In any case, the goal of the new makers wasn't a blunt “faster, higher, further”, but rather the focus should be more on quality. And that is also crucial for us as exhibitors, because we naturally want to meet the right people. And that was quite successful in 2018, so we rate the restart as positive.

"The promised alignment to the needs and interests of the visitors has not yet succeeded in all places."
The promised alignment to the needs and interests of the visitors has not yet succeeded in all places. This starts with the topic of WLAN reception, because, as in previous years, a constantly functioning offer was nil. And with regard to the content of the conference program, the buzzword density has decreased as announced, but there is definitely still room for improvement in terms of value for the visitors.

In addition to the lack of WiFi, there is still room for improvement in logistics and organization: queues for meals and the toilets, lectures that you couldn't get into or delays that made it difficult to meet deadlines and plans. All of that could be improved this year. In addition, at lectures and seminars, less would sometimes be more. A smaller number of offers, which take longer and go into more depth in terms of content, would bring more to the visitors, for example on our new how-to-stage. And I think it would be great if the young companies were given a more central place in the start-up village to make their ideas and impulses more visible.

Katja Brandt, CEO DACH Mindshare

From my point of view, Dmexco has developed well in all important aspects under the new management. Of course, all innovations and developments were presented and discussed in various formats at Dmexco 2018. Dealing with AI was particularly good or interesting for me. AI was clearly positioned as the megatrend and its meaning was made understandable and more tangible through first examples in use.

For Dmexco 2019 it is important to me that the good mix of inspirations, new trends, developments and technologies with the concrete economic implementation is maintained. The continuation of the discussion and application around AI will certainly be interesting. I'm excited about the announced opening with a musical program, musical keynote and Broadway stars. And I'm already looking forward to the always very good exchange with interesting people at the event.

Stephanie Wißmann, Vice President Digital and Growth Tyntec

The restart in 2018 was definitely a success - and that's why I'm really looking forward to the Dmexco this year as well. I still really appreciate the wide range of topics and the chance to meet important decision-makers on site and discuss new topics with them. From our point of view, the topics of messaging and conversational commerce should be given a little more space - especially because there is still a lot of need for clarification.

With regard to the Whatsapp newsletter ban, which came into effect in December, there is a lot of uncertainty about what is allowed and what is not. As far as I know, even Dmexco does not yet use an official “Whatsapp for Business” solution. The only thing I would like to have is even more variety of topics. The marketing industry is now so broad-based, affects so many channels and there is so much upheaval that there are more important things than focusing on discussing ad placements.

But I can see that the organizers have recognized this themselves and are serving a broader spectrum through panels on topics such as “consumer trust” and “data protection”. I am particularly excited about the TikTok Speaking Slot this time because I hope to understand the hype better afterwards - in addition to the Future Park and our own lecture on the subject of “Whatsapp”. I am also looking forward to the lectures by Harley Finkelstein from Shopify, Jakob Uszkoreit from Google and the “Corporate Innovation” panel, because I find it very interesting how different innovations can be combined with one another.

Tino Krause, Country Director DACH Facebook

This year, Dmexco proves that it is once again closer to the pulse of the industry. "Trust in you" as this year's motto hits the nerve of the times: Trust is a topic that is very important to us in the company. We are investing more than ever in transparency and the security of our platform in order to confirm the trust that companies and users have placed in us. As the Country Director DACH of Facebook, it is my job to ensure that we live up to this responsibility. In the program, I am particularly looking forward to the topics that are currently moving our industry: vertical video, messaging and mobile.

Big business and the search for trust

Business as usual - the digital industry has not known that in the past few years. A precise seismograph about the mood and the sensitivities in a complex, sometimes confusing branch of the economy is the Cologne-based Dmexco, to which we are dedicating a large digital special from today.

Jens Bargmann, Managing Director Mediamath Germany

Mediamath has been part of Dmexco for many years, and looking back we can say: The 2018 event was a huge success for us, with more and better business discussions than ever before. It is also interesting to note that in addition to agencies and technology providers, more and more brands are on site themselves, which makes the event even more attractive for us.

This time I expect a lively discussion with the decision-makers in the industry on the subject of transparency in the programmatic advertising value chain. Finally, it is widely recognized that something has to happen here - this is one of the most important topics for Mediamath in 2019, which is why we announced during the Cannes Lions that we would take on more responsibility here together with partners, customers and the industry. It will be exciting to discuss the progress made in recent months with brands and agencies at Dmexco.

All in all, we are absolutely convinced of Dmexco as one of the most important and largest industry events of the year. Just the volume level in the exhibition halls and the dry throat, which I have after day one every year after all the conversations, is a downer - which I am happy to accept.

Jan Möllendorf, Defacto partner

The first year after the change in leadership was not easy for the new leadership. But the makers exceeded expectations. I was very afraid that the mood would sag. Fortunately that did not happen and I am looking forward to a Dmexco 2019 that is rich in information and exchanges. From my point of view, one should not introduce more innovations, but try to establish the changes from last year on a sustainable basis. Trade fair communities move in familiar paths, learn slowly and accept new things even more slowly.
"I was very afraid that the mood would sag."

Stefan Uhl, Managing Director Carat Germany

A new broom sweeps clean. That shouldn't be a reproach to the old organization team. On the contrary, because the previous team developed the Dmexco into a globally relevant industry event from Germany. It is an extremely remarkable achievement. It was certainly a good decision to adjust the cost of the tickets a little. As a result, the number of trade visitors has increased more, there is more space for technical discussions and it has become easier to take part in the relevant sessions.

I am very happy when the filter option for conferences by categories and days with specific plans is activated in the Dmexco app. For me, this feature would be a great relief for planning the event visit in advance. Unfortunately, the preparation is still a bit difficult, also due to the lack of planning features for the event. I am very excited about all topics related to audio for marketing and communication. Of course, I am also looking forward to the panel discussion by our colleague Gitta Blatt from the Dentsu Aegis Network on the topic of New Work Mindset. In addition to the technical trends in the industry, the changes in the world of work are massively noticeable for all of us and occupy us on a daily basis.