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K-pop star and actress Sulli has died at the age of 25. Police said the singer, whose real name is Choi Jin-ri, was found unconscious on October 14 at her residence in Seongnam.

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"Her manager visited her home after he had not reached her since she last called the night before," Seongnam police said. It was said that she had severe depression. “At the moment it looks like she has taken her own life. But we are not ruling out other options yet. "

Sulli suffered from "stress-related pain"

Sulli was a member of the K-Pop group f (x), which was founded in 2009 and enjoyed national and international success. In July 2014, the South Korean took a break and said she suffered from "stress-related pain" related to the spread of rumors about her private life.

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In August 2015, she left the band to focus on her acting career and take on a role in the 2017 Korean action film "Real". This summer she made her debut with her first solo single "Goblin".

Sulli - "Goblin" in the video:

In the conservative Korean entertainment industry, Sulli was considered controversial, polarized with comments such as "Going braless is one’s freedom" (for me, not wearing a bra means being free) and was regularly exposed to hateful comments. "When I upload my photos without a bra, people talk about it a lot," she said. “I could have been afraid of it. But I'm not doing that because I think it would be nice if more people could get rid of their prejudices. "

Her openness to mental health issues also often caused discomfort in the Korean entertainment industry. In 2018, she revealed on the reality show "Jonri Store" that she had suffered from panic disorder from an early age. "Even close friends left me," she said. "I was hurt by them and I thought that no one would understand what broke me."

Her last Instagram videos had shown Sulli crying and saying, "I'm not a bad person." After her death, a number of K-pop fans criticized the toxic fan culture and online bullying that Sulli was subjected to was.