Uber drivers can take cash tips

Uber is also introducing tips for drivers in Austria via an app

The transport service provider Uber is now also introducing the option in Austria of giving drivers a tip using a mobile phone app. The innovation was first introduced last summer in the USA and then in a few other countries. From now on, customers in Austria can also enter a tip amount in the app after driving or having food delivered via Uber Eats.

"With the new tip function, these drivers can now earn more, while passengers can continue to travel cashless and comfortably," said Uber Austria boss Andreas Weinberger.

Increase in income

The tip option in the app has long been controversial at Uber. Among other things, it was feared that drivers might prefer more affluent areas as a result. In addition to the USA, the option is now also available in France, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Poland.

For the drivers, this should mean a noticeable increase in their income - after all, they often only get a few euros per trip. The company does not want to reveal how much a driver earns on average per trip or hour and how many drivers in Austria are on the road for Uber.

Controversial Uber Pop

The Uber Pop service, in which private individuals transport passengers in their private vehicle, does not exist in Austria - here Uber cooperates with rental car companies. However, this model is also controversial and pending in court in Austria. The point of contention is that taxi drivers are allowed to take customers anywhere at any time, but have to charge a fixed rate for this. Rental cars, on the other hand, can charge any price, for this all orders must be received at their business premises. (red, 28.2.2018)