Can you help me with Reiki?

if only i Reiki thinking or talking about it, my eyes immediately start to shine ... my body immediately feels the energy flowing into me ... my soul begins to shine ... my heart increases its beats ... my skin begins to tingle. ..
and all because of a little thought ... just because of that, I know how powerful Reiki is ...
I am a Reiki master ... from the bottom of my heart ... Reiki is not just a word ... Reiki is pure energy ...

but let's start at the beginning ...

What is Reiki?

Reiki originally comes from Japan. It was founded by Usui Mikao at the beginning of the 20th century. Reiki means something like "universal life energy" ... "rei" is "spirit" ... "ki" is "energy" ... as well as eg. the Qui stands for energy ...
Reiki has a cleansing, calming, detoxifying, pain relieving, balancing, strengthening effect and activates your self-healing powers ... your mind, your soul and your body find relaxation ...

How does Reiki work?

by laying on of hands Reiki flows through me into your body. I am only the channel ... the universal life energy flows through my crown chakra through my heart chakra into my arms and from my palms into you. The Reiki energy always flows exactly where your body needs it ... I practice Intuitive Reiki ... I always start with the same hand positions ... but then let your body guide me ... it shows me where in particular a lot of energy is required ... Therefore it is not necessary to know exactly where the "problem" is ... because Reiki finds it all by itself ... Reiki not only brings the mental and physical health back into harmony, but also activates the self-healing powers in your body ...

Who can / may give Reiki applications?

EVERYONE can use Reiki ...

but in order to be able to give Reiki, one is initiated ... that is done in the course of an apprenticeship ... there are also different degrees ... 1 - 3 ... in the 1st degree one is initiated with Reiki and then feels clearly a change in yourself ... in the 2nd degree you are initiated with the 3 Reiki symbols ... from here you can also give distant Reiki ... from here it was just MAGIC ... in the 3rd Reiki degree - too called the master's degree ... you are initiated with the master's symbol ... unbelievable ... the energy is noticeably increased ... you can use it more finely ...

What can Reiki help with?

Reiki can ...

* Reduce pain
* Shed old beliefs
* Release blockages
* Reduce stress
* Fulfill the desire to have children
* helps you to get back into your center
* Break thought patterns
* Bring calm
* charge your batteries
* Give love
* Activate self-healing powers
* connect your soul to you
* bring new knowledge
* Create relaxation
* increase your life energy
* Open chakras

Fernreiki? how does it work?

Reiki is ENERGY ... and we are ENERGY ... Reiki works beyond space and time ... at the latest after the first Reiki remote treatment you will understand it ... when you have felt it ...

Who is Reiki for?

Reiki is suitable for everyone ...
Infants, children, women, men, during pregnancy, when wanting to have children ... in short Reiki is magical and valuable for everyone ...

Where can I book a Reiki treatment with you?

Please write to me by email - [email protected]
or by phone +4369913315631
I'm looking forward to see you

very much love your Anita

The five wisdoms of Reiki

You can speak these words every morning and act accordingly ...

At least today ... don't get angry
at least today ... don't worry
at least today ... be grateful
at least today ... work hard,
at least today ... be kind to everyone.