Is revital safe to use

Oxygen therapy hyperbaric chamber Revitalair 430

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Different Features 01. It has a versatile design, innovative technology and high quality materials that make it easy to use and friendly to doctors, institutions and patients. 02.It is flexible and portable so it can be installed in any medical facility or practice. 03. It is safe and poses no risks because it works with a pressure of 1.45 ATA. 04. It has a zipperless closure system. It can be opened from the inside thanks to its pressure relief valves. 05.It is quick and easy to assemble. He doesn't need any help with the operation. Technical safety Revitalair® hyperbaric chambers are very safe and their operation is very easy. They have several safety systems that work in sequence to avoid any failure or malfunction. It has exhaust valves that are regulated to 1.45 ATA within the chamber. Should one fail, the other would work. Inside the compressor housing there is a calibrated and certified pressure relief valve that would work in the event of a failure of one of the two main valves. The locking system can withstand pressures that are many times higher than those for which this device is calibrated. The flexible fabric and windows are designed and tested for frequent use of the device and for pressures that cannot be achieved by the compression system. All parts of the hyperbaric chamber and their manufacture are subject to controlled and certified quality standards. Therapeutic safety Working at 1.45 ATA is safer in terms of neurotoxicity than working at higher pressures. This is because neuronal excitability is dose-dependent on oxygen. While at higher pressures a certain degree of neuronal overexcitability is reached.


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