What is a background of the study

1.1 Background and objectives of the study

Trust in economic research

September 9, 2016

Wherever people meet, trust plays an important role. This applies between men and women, between parents and children, between neighbors and colleagues, but of course also with companies, in trade and in business. If we always had to reckon with the fact that products are useless, contracts are not adhered to and deliveries do not come, many things in our everyday life would be more difficult, cumbersome and time-consuming.

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Measuring trust in the digital world: overview and outlook

2nd October 2014

Trust is the key to the digital economy. Everyone agrees on that. If people do not feel safe online and have no confidence in what is offered to them via the Internet, then they will not use it, or the potential of the digital will not even come close to being exhausted. This also applies to e-commerce [...]

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Does Germany need a digital code?

June 30, 2014

What is happening on the Internet is becoming increasingly complex and has at the same time created a phenomenon: More and more people are using the growing Internet offering more and more often, but hardly anyone asks what they are getting into. This tacit acceptance can turn into a tsunami for the integrity of one's own data. The threats are not always obvious - dangers loom [...]

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Network policy in Germany: election programs, coalition agreement, government declaration

June 11, 2014

The coalition agreement and the work program of the federal government are the guidelines of the grand coalition for the next four years. For the next federal election, Germany not only wants to be the “digital number one” in Europe, but everyone should also have access to high-speed broadband. In four years, voters will be able to evaluate what the coalition of [...]

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Digital Agenda 2013-2017: Network Policy in the New German Bundestag

November 7, 2013

Expansion of the broadband network, net neutrality and data scandals: the summer of 2013 showed how indispensable the Internet and information and communication technologies have become for us. At the same time, the problem areas that society and politics still have to deal with have also emerged. What has been done in terms of network policy? Have the legal basis for the expansion of a German leadership position been established [...]

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Trust and risk in a digital world

5th September 2013

“Trust is difficult to grasp. It is a feeling, a gift that cannot be forced. You have to win it, work for it. It builds up slowly, but can be destroyed again in one fell swoop. It's a kind of venture capital that, if invested, can win you a lot, but it can also be bitterly disappointed. [...]

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Share instead of buy

15 March 2013

Hamburg / Hanover. Shareconomy: This is the motto of CeBIT 2013. This term is intended to describe in one word what is happening in politics, society and the economy around the world: sharing instead of buying is the trend. CeBIT boss Frank Pörschmann: "Shareconomy describes the change in the social understanding of having and being." DIVSI spoke to the boss of the world's most important event for the [...]

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Digital Outsiders: The Difficult Path to the Net

June 15, 2012

This is how the digital divide can (perhaps) be overcome By Nicole Schmitt Walter Kessler is a digital outsider. One of around 27 million people in Germany who never or hardly use the Internet. The 67-year-old lives in a small two-room apartment in Nuremberg, Franconia. There's a computer on the table in the far corner of the living room. "When [...]

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Betrayal and breach of trust

June 1, 2012

A society without discretion, loyalty and secrecy would be a different society. Building trust in Göttrik Wewer is not that easy. This already applies in the real world, but even more so in the virtual world. Because we cannot always be sure that the person with whom we communicate is really the one for whom [...]

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Kupata at KDO and Netzdialog Bayern

May 30, 2012

Oldenburg / Munich - One of the important tasks of DIVSI is to discover and point out ways that ultimately lead to more trust and security on the Internet. The ’sustained interest these food for thought are now attracting nationwide is now again demonstrated by two current events. The Zweckverband Kommunale Datenverarbeitung Oldenburg (KDO) had invited to its customer and partner days (KUPATA). [...]

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The big challenge

May 24, 2012

That is why Cyber ​​Trust can only be managed in an interdisciplinary manner. From Prof. Dr. Claudia Eckert Information and communication technology (ICT) is of central importance in many areas of economic and social life. We are surrounded by IT systems that provide us with information, support us in making decisions, accelerate business processes or [...]

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Security through software?

May 15, 2012

What really needs to be done to sustainably and permanently increase trust in the network. From Dr. Göttrik Wewer According to a current BITKOM study, trust in the security of social networks is generally rather poor: in all of the networks surveyed, at least half of the users said that the platform tends not to or even [...]

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Cybercrime and Cyberwar

May 5, 2012

Can the European Community hold its own against the new challenges of cybercrime and cyber war, and are cyber attacks a real new threat? Estonia was confronted with massive attacks from the web in spring 2007, Georgia in 2008, Kyrgyzstan in 2009 and Iran's nuclear program in 2010. All of these countries were in conflict with other [...]

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Risks and possible solutions: IT security for critical infrastructures

April 30, 2012

A challenge for the state, business and politics Since the attacks on IT infrastructures in entire countries such as Estonia, exposed bodies such as the Federal Chancellery, commercial companies such as Sony and Citibank and the sabotage of the Iranian nuclear program using the STUXNET computer worm, the topic of IT Security finally moved into the public consciousness. The focus of finding the cause is the [...]

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