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Don't install: Android 11 causes severe problems on phones from Samsung, Xiaomi and Co.

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Whether Samsung, Sony or Xiaomi: Almost all manufacturers who use Android as the operating system for their smartphones supply countless models with Android 11. Samsung, for example, recently supplied users of the Galaxy S20 series with the update. Sony has also updated its top smartphones such as the Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 to Android 11 or is still in the process. Xiaomi recently published a long list of all cell phones that can use the current Google operating system. But while Google is already around the corner with Android 12, Android 11 is anything but good. The problems are increasing.

Android 11: You are experiencing these issues

Countless users of Pixel models have been reporting for months that their cell phones would be significantly slower after the update than with Android 10. In addition, smartphones even freeze for a few seconds and can no longer be operated. There should also be huge losses in terms of battery life. Many users call it a disaster. Furthermore, some can no longer take calls and the cell phone crashes when taking photos or videos. A restart apparently only helps temporarily.

But not only pixel smartphones are affected. Whether Samsung, Xiaomi or Sony: More and more users who have updated their smartphone to Android 11 are reporting problems.

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Samsung: Many smartphones have problems

There are increasing reports of problems with Android 11 from Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy S20. Users of the top smartphone who have already carried out the update report, among other things, an enormously high battery consumption. In addition, they have problems installing apps and notifying applications. Problems related to volume control, WiFi connection and charging of the device are also mentioned.

In addition, it can happen that Samsung smartphones no longer recognize microSD cards. In addition, users report camera problems. The update to Android 11 should make them significantly slower to use. Many also complain that their smartphones do not dial into the cellular network after they have switched off the WLAN. Sometimes only a restart will help.

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Android 11 also causes problems for Xiaomi and Sony

In addition to smartphones from Google and Samsung, the critical voices are also increasing with regard to Xiaomi mobile phones. For example, the touch function of the display should fail regularly and numerous apps no longer work properly. Sony smartphone users report problems with their devices overheating when using the camera app. There are also significant performance losses. To what extent this is related to Android 11 cannot be said. However, because many different smartphone models are affected, it turns out that it must be due to Android 11.

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The update is here: wait instead of installing

If you want to be on the safe side, you shouldn't install Android 11 for the time being as soon as it is available as an update for your own smartphone. A few days of waiting can reveal whether the above-mentioned problems also occur on your own smartphone model from Samsung, Sony and Co. Everyone who already has Android 11 installed on their smartphone must hope for an update. And that Android 12 gets better. The new functions have already been determined.

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