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13 May Newsletter - See our nature with different eyes every day with the GEO Day of Nature!

Dear friends of the GEO day of nature!

We had imagined the GEO-Tag der Natur 2020 differently. But we appreciate all the more how many of you still want to rediscover our nature with us - in many innovative formats! And we look forward to one or the other joining us. The GEO day of nature is not only on the weekend 13 + 14.6 this year. limited, but every day is nature's GEO day!

Be there virtually

Perhaps you have already seen that we are very active on Instagram (https://instagram.com/geo.tag.der.natur) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/geo.tagdernatur). Feel free to follow us! We report on our own activities, such as the participation of the “Team GEO-Tag der Natur” in the bird race.

We also report on the activities of our partners. If you carry out an action yourself and would like to see it featured on our channels, please write to us. We look forward to making you and your events for GEO-Tag der Natur visible through our channels! You can also always use the hashtag #geotagdernatur - we will then share your pictures in our story.

Register your own event

If the official requirements allow it at the time of your choice, we would be happy if you register your campaign for the GEO Day of Nature! Some event formats can be held well with a reasonable safety margin or virtually, or maybe you only want to be out with people from your own household anyway. Then please register your event at https://geo-tagdernatur.de/anmelden/. This allows us to keep an overview of what is going on on GEO Nature Day, and can provide you with the best possible support in planning and implementation, as well as including you in our advertising and reporting.

Your registered event appears on the page https://geo-tagdernatur.de/suchen/ with a marker on the map from which you can access the information you have stored. Some events have already been registered, please take a look!

Answers to frequently asked questions and materials to download can be found at https://geo-tagdernatur.de/material/. You will also find an order form on this page, which you can use to order materials for your registered event such as posters, postcards, certificates, magnifying glasses, the nature guides provided by our sponsor, the Heinz Sielmann Foundation, for your pocket “Sielmann compact” and much more can.


Instead of a main event this year, the Heinz Sielmann Foundation worked with us to create an exciting brochure on the subject of "Expedition in the garden - out and about in the wilderness on your doorstep". From this month this brochure will be enclosed with GEO, Walden and Wohllebens Welt. For registered events, you can also order them free of charge via the link above.

Photo competition

From June 12th, a photo competition for GEO Nature Day will start on Instagram. We are looking for the most beautiful snapshots on the subject of “diversity on the doorstep”. So snap the biodiversity on your doorstep right now. The Heinz Sielmann Foundation sponsors great prizes for the most beautiful pictures. You will find more information about participation in the next newsletter!

If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]!

Best regards

Mirjam Gleßmer

GEO day of nature e.V.

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