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Peace, I just wanted to hear what you think about who is the strongest ninja of all, I think that's Madara Uchiha.

And how do you determine that? you've never seen him fight before. I think it's the raikage. Ninjason 11:21, Oct 11, 2009 (UTC)

I think that because he has been living for so long now and has definitely not just eaten stupidly there. Madara must have trained very hard in addition to the fact that he has the Mangenkyo Sharingan of himself and his brother (a permanent Mangenkyo Sharingan). If you ask me, nobody can take him, not even the Raikage (the Raikage is still cool).

the strongest was probably the Rikudou Sennin, believe what we know and then the first hokage, after all he could control all bijuus, then I would say madara and pain in one place, think they only differ in their skills, but purely in terms of strength, they will probably be on the same level. But you can't think exactly that anyway, those who are dead cannot develop further and those who are alive I don't find the ultimate ones yet, so until now of what you have seen alone is pain the nonplus ultra that has to be they compete, because even if naruto has defeated him, nagato, it is so that he had to resort to the help of kyuubi to defeat pain in the end and you have to say that naruto is strong but not intelligent enough to get here To be listed, intelligence is part of strength. the raikage is strong, the mizukage too, certainly all kage, but as I said the strongest it will not be.1000words

I used to doubt naruto's intelligence. After he learned the Sennin mode, I think his intelligence also increased. you saw in the fight against Pain.

p.s if you look at it closely, the sennin modo is also nothing ultimate, at least not quite with naruto. Fukasaku did almost all of the technical work for him. I think the Sennin looked stronger on Jiraya

I do not think so. it is said (in the manga) that naruto has surpassed the old generation, that is, that he has mastered the sennin modo perfectly. jiraya could just stay there longer because fukasaku and the female little frog have connected with him. so he (in sennin modo) is stronger than jiraya. This is

i think tobi (madara) is the best he is invincible better than pain that is clear.

Well, I won't call Tobi / Madara invincible. Sure he still has his Sharingan (or permanent MS) and Kishi kicked it so that he now also got the Rinnegan. But you can assume who Tobi / Madara will / must fight against Naruto and then this will also be Tobi / Madara´s fight. So Kishi will design the fight to finish Naruto with his run-of-the-mill tactics. According to the motto overpowering opponent with strong jutsu's, a weaker fighter with simple jutsu's and the weaker one wins. Dragoneyes 1

it is clear who is the strongest it is Madara Uchiha he is the strongest ninja in the world if I may say so he is very careful and has been very patient you have to be able to do that first. Tobi is simply the strongest of all the ninjas in Naruto. Madara hasn't shown any of his MS skills yet, I think there is still a lot behind him. He's the coolest and the strongest Hakan44 19:20, 16 Aug 2011 (UTC)

I don't think so, on the one hand he lost to minato, it was only a short fight, but he won and then itachi is not to be underestimated either, he even managed to escape edo tensei and he is also extremely strong. If we also include the people who are already dead, I would say nagato is not to be underestimated either, it was said that naruto could not have defeated him, so we can assume that he is even stronger MegaPimpf1(Dissi) 19:27, 16 Aug 2011 (UTC)

Well, the discussion is always pretty nonsensical because there are a lot of gross ninja and many die before they reach their zenith (Haku, Kimimaro etc.). Nobody knows exactly what Tobi / Madara is capable of, even if I assume that he is extremely strong. The ones that can be assessed well, however, are Itachi and Nagato and in my opinion the two were definitely the strongest ninja of their generation. But there are other awesome guys like Minato and Kakashi and Oonoki and Hiruzen were probably very strong in their prime too. My insider tip is again Kabuto, besides Edo and Oros Jutsus he also has his own techniques and his secret Jutsu, with which he is invincible according to his own statement. He is extremely self-confident about Tobi and doesn't seem to be afraid of his Sharingan / Rin'negan, there is definitely something behind it. You should definitely have the boy on your toes.The Almighty J.(Dissi) 19:45, 16 Aug 2011 (UTC)

I think that Tobi / Madara is also strong, but he has so far stayed out of most fights (I don't mean the encounter with Minato, not that which came later). I hope that Kishi will send Sasuke to this war too. I would like to see the combination of his and Itachi's MS. Kishi would then definitely give Sasuke a couple of extremely strong jutsus so that he will also be among the strongest shinobi.

clearly jiraiya. in the hermit mode he is much stronger than naruto which is not least due to his experience

naruto has the sennin mode perfectly on what jiraiya couldn't even manage and now he even has the bijuu mode. therefore naruto is better than jiraiya in terms of the amount of chakra he has and the skills he has in fashion. the only thing that jiraiya has ahead of naruto is his many years of experience in his fights and how i think jiraiya masters the most diverse jutsu's where naruto only has all his rasengan variants.
In terms of strength, the RIKUDOU SENNIN is clearly the strongest ninja, after all he is the father of the Uchihas and the Senjus and he was the Jinchuriki of Juubi and had the power to divide him into the Bijjus. Hashirama Senju is also stronger than Madara Uchiha. Madara is very powerful, especially his action where he made a Susanno around the Kyuubi, but this was just a joke against the counterattack by Hashirama. I wonder who is stronger Minato or Naruto-Both have the Bijuu mode.

That this is a difficult question is for sure. Above all, it is difficult to say because everyone lived in different times, so my list is largely aimed at the Bijuu spirits, as these form a rough constant from Rikudou to the current point in time (end of manga). So here is my attempt to classify the whole thing:

1. Rikudou Sennin: Might be by far the most powerful ninja of all time, solely for the reason that he sealed the Juubi in himself, divided it into the 9 Bijuu before his death, and created the moon and the Rinnegan, I use him as an argument to put in place 1.
2. Hashirama Senju: He was the ninja who captured all 9 Bijuu and distributed them to the individual villages, he even sealed the Kyuubi when it was under the control of Madara Uchia, and killed the latter. Which is why he is ahead of Madara in the ranking.
3. Madara Uchiha: Could control the Kyuubi, dominated the Rinnegan and has an immortal Mangekyou Sharingan. He is the ninja who perfected the Sharingan, he has all the skills it offers (e.g. Izanagi, Susano'o), and probably some that are not known.
4. Minato Namikaze: Master in space / time jutsu, was so notorious that his enemies were ordered to flee the battlefield if he showed up. He was able to put the Raikage and Killerbee under pressure in the fight on his own and is the only known ninja who was able to defeat Tobi / Obito in a duel.
5. Tobi / Obito Uchia: Has the Rinnegan and a Perfected Sharingan, can control the Kyuubi and, like Minato, is a master of space / time jutsu. It is also difficult to wound thanks to its materialization technique.
6. Kabuto Yakushi: He has mastered all the jutsus left by Orochimaru as well as an unprecedented level of Edo Tensei. He owns Kekkei Genkais from Orochimaru, Karin, Jugo and 5 Otonins and even has the hermit mode. Due to the lack of comparative fights with the top ninjas, it has a questionable position in the ranking. However, he was able to intimidate Tobi / Obito so far that he accepted him as a partner.
7/8. Sasuke Uchiha: I personally rate him a little more strongly than Naruto, but use them because they have different fighting styles as being equally strong. Sasuke has already proven quite a bit, he was on the verge of killing the Raikage, put Killerbee to flight, killed Danzou despite 10 times Izanagi, and has an immortal Mangekyou of Itachi's strength.
7/8. Naruto Uzomaki: Can access half of the Kyuubi's chakra, mastered the hermit mode and defeated Nagato / Pain and Kakuzu. His incredible motivation should perhaps also be mentioned.
9. Nagato / Pain: He has the Rinnegan and tons of Chakra, this was particularly evident from the fact that he revived all of Konoah after his bodies were defeated.
10. This is where it gets really tricky, and I couldn't agree on any more ninjas who are nominated for this place: Killerbee, Itachi Uchiha, Mizukage, Tsuchikage, Reikage, Kisame Hokagashi, Tobirama Senju and Danzou.

Of course one can always argue about a classification, since most of the above-mentioned candidates never competed against each other, or in the case of Kabuto they rose sharply. However, I think that I got it pretty well, and I'm always available for discussions. July 22, 2013 GelberBlitz

Naruto, Kabuto and Sasuke are definitely NOT among the strongest. I don't have a table in my opinion strongest but in any case almost only the Kage are among the strongest + Madara. I'm not sure about Obito / Tobi but about Naruto. Kabuto and Sasuke he has a chance without a problem as far as the Kage is concerned against the current Kage generation, he certainly has a chance. As far as the rikudou is concerned, you don't know his exact abilities at all, so you can't judge him as the strongest. In my opinion, they belong to the strongest Madara and Hashirama Alex-San Uchiha (discussion) 13:29, Jul 22, 2013 (UTC)

The fighting power of a Kage is definitely overestimated in my opinion, so Sasuke has already proven that he can take on more than one Kage at the same time. He killed Danzou (at that time Hokage) and the Raikage would have fallen victim to his Amaterasu if Gaara had not intervened. Gaara the Kazekage was defeated and abducted by Deidara, a low-ranking Akatsuki, and rescued by Naruto. For his part, Sasuke brought down Deidara without any major problems. Furthermore, I strongly doubt that Tsunade could have taken on Pain, which is why I also place Naruto above the rank of Kage in terms of pure fighting power. (On top of that, Kakashi has already admitted to being weaker than Naruto, and he has been proposed as the new Hokage.) Kabuto is certainly a difficult subject, but the range of skills he has at his disposal is immeasurable, not only does he have sensory abilities, and Orochimaru's curse mark, he has also taken over his forbidden jutsus and can even retrieve Madara Uchiha from the dead while he controls 5 Akatsuki members. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about the old Kage to include them in this ranking. July 23, 2013 GelberBlitz

The Raikage cut off his arm himself after he was attacked by Amaterasu and I don't mean the current generation of the Kage, I mean more which of the old ones like Hiruzen Sarutobi the Sasuke could easily kill, and by the way, Sasuke doesn't have it at all can take up the kagen. You have seen in the fight how Mei the Mizukage or Oonoki could have killed him with ease, even if he was already weakened from the fight before you overestimated Sasuke just huge. After Sasuke cooperated with Akatsuki he was always protected by Tobi Alex-San Uchiha (discussion) 09:55, 23 Jul. 2013 (UTC)

Hirzuen Sarutobi died in the fight against Orochimaru while trying to seal him in himself, of course he was old, nevertheless he was defeated in the end because Orochimaru made his arms usable again with the help of a new body. Sasuke, in turn, easily killed Orochimaru before he achieved the Mangekyou. Of course, Orochimaru was extremely weak at the named point in time, but he had nothing in the least to oppose Sasuke. The Raikage would definitely have been done without Gaara's help, and even if he took his arm, this point is clearly on Sasuke's account, since he certainly did not do it voluntarily. Of course, he cannot stand against all Kage. After a short recovery phase in which his injuries were healed (too little to build up a new chakra), however, he brought down Danzou who was about as strong as Hiruzen Sarutobi, (although I doubt the Sarutobi Jutsus was like the Izanagi). Sasuke and his team have also brought Taka, the eight-tailed man to his knees without Tobi's help, which, according to Killerbee's statements, only Raikage could manage so far. So he is on the same level as the Kage, and with Itachi's eyes it has only become more powerful. Where would you classify Sasuke and Naruto? July 23, 2013 GelberBlitz

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I put both under the top 10 because it could still be Alte Kage & Madara and Itachi you can say what you want here in my opinion Sarutobi is still stronger than Orochimaru it was just because of his age that he could still be defeated DEGREE I think what you write here is nonsense in my view. (Killer B didn't hide anymore either) Alex-San Uchiha (discussion) 12:41, 23 Jul. 2013 (UTC)
There is no way Sasuke is on the level of a Kage. Even in the fight against Killer Bee, he only won because of his genes. Killer Bee saw him kill twice. If it hadn't been for Karin and Juugo, Flodda da Dampfwalze (discussion) 13:01, 23 Jul 2013 (UTC)
Hmm, let's improve the ranking. Who do you think is the strongest of the current Kage, and where would you classify him? What do you think of the top 5, can they be left as they are? If I think about it again, Itachi definitely belongs a bit further up the list, which in turn would improve Kisame's ranking, since in a conversation between the two of them it was to be heard that the two are about equally strong, so something in this direction:
1.Rikudou Sennin
2. Hashirama Senju
3. Madara Uchiha
4. Minato Namikaze
5. Tobi / Obito Uchiha
6. Raikage
7. Itachi Uchiha
8. Kisame Hoshigaki
9.Tsuchikage / Mizukage
10.Tsuchikage / Mizukage
Better? GelberBlitz (discussion) 14:11, 23 Jul 2013 (UTC)

Hi, I know that the question of who is the strongest is very difficult to answer because everyone has their favorite character and the characters are rated differently for themselves. But one thing bothers me and that is the Rikudou Sennin, I know he sealed the Juubi in himself and created the 9 Bijuu's and invented the Jutsu's and much more. Only then would he have to be followed by his sons as the strongest, since they are his offspring and therefore not, I should say, be that weak Shinobi. Now I have tried to look at the whole thing from a different point of view and believe that Rikudou Sennin and his sons should be left out of this question. About the Rikudou Sennin you only know what Kishi has written about him so far, but not how he fought. You don't know anything about your sons so far.

So actually you can't say that at all. The characters keep developing. E.g. I find that Naruto is better in hermit mode than Sasuke with his Mangekyou, but Sasuke is stronger with the permanent Mangekyou. But not as strong as Naruto in Kyuubi Chakra mode, and certainly not in Biju mode. Deidara, for example, is damn strong too. If Sasuke hadn't also mastered the Raiton, the whole thing would have turned out differently, apart from the fact that he almost died anyway. He would have lost to the Kage too. Without Zetsu, who passed on Chakra to Sasuke during the fight against Mei Terumii, he would have lost. You can't really classify Madara either, after all it's even stronger than the fight in the Valley of the End against Hashirama, Kabuto has spiced it up a bit. It is in the eye of the beholder that the Rikudou Sennin comes first, but Obito as Jichuriiki des Juubi has to come directly behind it. --Flodda da Dampfwalze (discussion) 18:14, 23 Jul. 2013 (UTC)

I would completely leave Rikudou and his sons out of the ranking because it has been over 1000 years since they lived and who knows whether they were really SOOO strong if even if not completely even Obito managed to seal the Juubi in itself. And we will now see who owns. Madara or Hashirama is stronger in their upcoming fight. You also have to consider that Muu also rules Jinton, which is enormously powerful for which you can also include him in the top 10, which is the Raikage of the 4.Generation as far as he is concerned, I would let out his father, in my opinion, has some crazier jutsus on it. The Hoozuki's are also not to be underestimated if the Mizudeppou no Jutsu is really a Clan Jutsu, because this Jutsu really has it --Alex-San Uchiha (Discussion) 18:45, 23 Jul. 2013 (UTC)

my ranking would be as follows: 1.Rikoudu sennin 2.Obito Uchiha (as jinchuuriki of juubi) 3.hashirama senju (could defeat madara uchiha himself) 4.madara uchiha (most powerful uchiha of all times, devastating entire landscapes with one stroke of his final susanoo can, and the 5 current kage easily defeated, after his resuscitation he is probably almost on a level with hashirama) 5. Naruto uzumaki (faster than the raikage, strong enough to lift the kyuubi during their fight, and has huge chakra reserves for violence Lawn gan attacks) 6.Minato Namikaze (fastest shinobi of all times, who can ward off almost any attack with his space-time barrier and is the inventor of the barn goose and, after its resurrection, is jinchuuriki of kyuubi) 7.Itachi Uchiha (a master in almost everything, for even kabuto in sennin moodo, nagato with his rinnegan (of course thanks to his endless chakra because of edo tensei), kakashi, deidara or oroshimaru are no challenge are) 8.Sandaime Raikage (enormous speed and stamina, as well as extremely strong offensive and defensive, which could only be defeated by his own weapon (although I believe that this is due to edo tensei, since it gives him unlimited chakra reserves, and the strength of the raiton no yoroi depends on the amount of chakra used, is also able to use the black raiton) and 9.tobirama senju (inventor of hiraishin no jutsu, even if he does not seem to master it as well as minato, also inventor of edo tensei and best suiton user ever) 10.sasuke uchiha (with the eternal mangekyou sharingan he masters his unique element enton even better than before (and before that he was able to ease the raikage by an arm with it) and also a masterful raiton user and user of susanoo)

Very difficult as some characters have never shown their full strength and some are still far from their limit. This is what my list looks like, although Orochimaru, Sarutobi or Kabuto might also have deserved a place in the top 10. 1. Rikoudu Sennin 2. Obito Uchiha (Jinchuuriki) 3. Madara Uchiha (after resurrection) 4. Itachi Uchiha 5. Hashirama Senju 6. Nagato 7. Naruto Uzumaki 8. Minato Namikaze 9. Tobirama Senju 10. Sasuke Uchiha

Itachi would never stand a chance against Hashirama

Pugnator3: So actually Gai Mighty is the strongest living ninja because he could almost defeat Madarda Uchhia in the 8th goal. In my opinion, the powers of Madara who took in the jubi and the powers of Sasuke (Fluchmal, Itachis Sussano, Amerterasu, Itachis Mangekyou sharingan, Oruchhimarus Schlangenjutztu) are only cheated or given by someone else. Gai's goals, on the other hand, trained. That means Sasuke would have lost every single fight without outside help and Gai would have won against Madara. i.e. Sasuke would have lost to Nauruto in the Valley of the End without the curse meal. Deidara would have killed Sasuke several times. Itachi was battered and let Sasuke win, but Itachi could have defeated Sasuke several times. Killerbee let himself be kidnapped, but he too would have defeated Sasuken if he hadn't been healed. The Raikage would have defeated him several times without the help of Susanoo and Amerterasu, and the kick at the end of the fight might not only have killed the Raikage. Even against Danzou he would probably have lost if Karin hadn't cured him.

One can say that Madara is the strongest of all Shinobi. It's like a fusion of Naruto and Sasuke with generations of experience. He has combined the strengths of all previous antagonists from Naruto and surpasses each of them. He has Orochimaru's knowledge of the different jutsus, Nagato's godlike powers, Obito's cunning and Itachi's intelligence. And he had all of this before he became Jinchuriki des Juubis. The current chapters have shown that Kaguya is apparently even stronger, but she is not a shinobi in the classical sense. She doesn't really seem to be able to fight. In my opinion she is more of a biju. Their strength is based (according to the current state) on their infinite chakra and the ability to forge this into elementary catastrophes. But who gets his strength from where is actually not really important. The only thing that matters is what someone has to offer in a fight. I don't want to contradict that Maito Gai (note the spelling) became a shinobi with incredible power when the eighth gate was opened. He was definitely stronger than all five Kage put together and that means something. But given the price he has to pay for this strength, and given the short time he stays in this state, I doubt that that makes him the best of the Allied forces. Naruto and Sasuke may be able to do weaker taijutsu, but overall I think they are more valuable in combat. Naruto's ability to distribute the chakra, the Senninmodo, and the enormous destructive power of his Rasengan and Bijudama jutsus make him the strongest of all good guys on the battlefield in my opinion. Sasuke, on the other hand, who apparently also has the perfect Susanoo, has a little less destructive power, but can perhaps concentrate better on the point. He is quick and analyzes the situation well. Presumably he could take on Gai too. And because my poster said that Gai was the "strongest ninja still alive", I want to add that Madara is very much alive too. And he defeated all Biju with just one eye. --Shiromaru (discussion) 15:03, Jun. 24, 2014 (UTC)

Well, to Gai, he has a huge weakness, if he has opened all 8 gates, he has to hurry because he doesn't have much time. Madara really wanted to know, he was looking for a confrontation with Gai, Madara just had to run away - create 5 doppelgangers - let them all run in different directions - Gai death. Or an obito would also be superior, it switches away, and when it comes back Gai is defeated. Even Sasuke, with his ability to teleport, might run away long enough for him to defeat himself. At that moment Madara ignored every tactic and only followed his lust.