Who invented the night lights

Innovative night light for the young

Created by Joachim Kläschen

FH alumnus Enis Ayari has founded a company. He talks to the campus editorial team about his invention 'bumpli' and his further plans.

Mr. Ayari, how is your connection to the Kiel University of Applied Sciences?

Selling has always been my thing. So I wanted to deepen this area for myself during my studies. When a friend told me about the IVE (International Sales and Purchasing Engineering) course, I just wanted to study that. My problem, however, was that this course of study had a barrier that I could not overcome at first: the numerus clausus. But I really wanted to study IVE, so I enrolled in mechatronics so that I could switch internally without an NC. So in the end I was able to achieve my goal. I completed my studies in the standard period with a bachelor's degree.

How did you come up with the idea for the 'bumpli' night light?

I came up with the idea of ​​bumpli when my wife was pregnant. I was looking for gadgets and useful products for newborns and toddlers. I couldn't get away from the thought that there apparently were no night lights that were really meaningfully integrated into the everyday life of families.

What motivated you to actually implement bumpli?

I've always been a tinkerer, but when I began to deal more with the soon-to-be parenthood, it was obvious to me to invent something that could make the lives of families and young parents easier.

How did you prepare for “being a founder”?

My studies gave me wonderful insights into the world of sales and retail structures. Subconsciously, that certainly played a not insignificant role when I came up with the idea of ​​starting my own business and founding a start-up. Otherwise, I jumped into the deep end unprepared and, over time, taught myself everything relevant.

How did the start-up phase of your company go?

In the first step I tinkered a first archetype from a small LED panel and silicone parts from the Internet. Then my 3D printer came into play, I designed all sorts of variations until I had the perfect CAD file with which I could actually build a fully functioning prototype. Before I wanted to go into mass production, I wanted to be legally protected and applied for a patent for my product. After I had overcome the bureaucratic hurdles, my idea actually became a buyable product. My online shop was my main distribution channel before I also sold on Amazon.

Did something not go as expected in the start-up phase?

I was very naive and lacked the know-how of how the industry worked. I tried in vain to convince investors of me and my product with videos I shot myself. Of course, more went wrong. The following error happened to me once: I transferred 43,000 euros to an incorrect Hong Kong account number. I thought that was it, I lost the money. That was overwhelming. Fortunately, the money came back after a few weeks with a little delay.

How's it going for you and bumpli right now?

It's going great today. We're growing extremely, straight. My team and I have become true e-commerce experts. We already generated a million euros in sales in the first financial year. We have long been profitable. I have already been to the ProSieben inventor show “Das Ding des Jahres”. Our equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedmatch starts in March, that's the next big thing. But: Even if I shouldn't complain, I'm never really completely satisfied. I want to get bigger, be able to give something back, achieve my goals and visions. There is still so much to come.

How do you see the future of 'bumpli'?

'Bumpli' is on the way from a start-up to a renowned children's brand. In my opinion, the night light should be part of the basic equipment of newborn children. With the brand, I want to bring even more products onto the market that make life easier for families. After we launched various bottles last year, there will soon be even more useful products from 'bumpli' on the market, all of which aim to be everyday helpers and to promote the development of children. I see a very wide range of opportunities and look forward to the future.

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