Were colonists entitled to rebel against Britain?

American Revolutionary War: How Did It All Start?

The American War of Independence led to the autonomy of the United States in 1783. Representative Great Britain and the thirteen American colonies met and signed the Treaty of Paris. After several years of the War the British recognized the United States as an independent nation.

The beginning of the war of independence

In the 16th century after Columbus America discovered they started European expeditions to the north and east of the continent. This part of the northeastern United States was called New England known. British settlers settled there. From 1756 the Seven Years' War raged on the European continent between different states, especially between Great Britain and France, which lost its military and diplomatic influence. The British prevailed and conquered the French colonies in North America, but got into a difficult situation Financial crisis. England wants to ask the American colonies to pay.

The discontent of the American colonists

The colonists accept that distribution the Wardo not cost. They criticized her for not being in English houses of Parliament were represented that their economy was suffocated and all products of everyday life Life were heavily taxed and, to stick with the anecdote, that they were forced to make tea exclusively from India Company to buy, which was the only one entitled to the English Colonies for sale. This provoked the first uprising, the "Boston Tea Party". England, for its part, refrains from expanding the colonists westward, where the Indian territories are located. In the face of these disagreements, they formed a real army that was no longer just educated Militias and Insurgents composed. This is the role of George Washington, who is in command of the American Armies was appointed and took the lead in the rebellion takes over. The Colonists, those who were not yet called "Americans" but "Whigs" organized and rose up around theirs independence to win.

The beginning of the American War of Independence

On April 19, 1775, the Battle of Lexington, not far from Boston, brought the British Army victory over the colonists and opened the Beginning the Hostilities. While the war continues, on July 4, 1776 the Declaration of Independence written by the United States and by the American Colonists adopted. It was not until the following year, in December 1777, that they won their first victory over British troops at Trenton, New Jersey. Other successes, especially that of Saratoga, convinced European powers, including France, Spain and Prussia, to accept this War of Independence to connect. The Marquis de La Fayette performed with a trained Army of about 5,000 men crucial help. The British surrendered on October 19, 1781.

The Treaty of Paris, signed in 1783, continued that conflict between Americans and the British a final end. The independence of the thirteen American colonies was declared, and the history of the United States began.

The creation of the American flag

During the American revolution became the first shape created the flag of the United States. At that time the stars and stripes only had thirteen stars arranged in a circle, because the United States then only thirteen States, the thirteen Colonies, had: Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia.

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