What are you reading in your own words

  1. What is "What are you reading?"
  2. The magazine
  3. Free participation
  4. Registration
  5. your profile
  6. privacy
  7. bookshelves
  8. Sort, move, delete books
  9. Books that cannot be found in the database
  10. Exchange shelf
  11. Badges
  12. Why should books be rated and reviewed?
  13. Rate books
  14. Write a review
  15. Ask a Question
  16. to write an article
  17. Comments, replies, and likes
  18. Change your posts
  19. search
  20. Reading challenges
  21. Activity stream
  22. Friends
  23. Personal messages
  24. bookmark
  25. Bonus system
  26. Exchange bonus points for rewards
  27. Reading rounds
  28. Sweepstakes
  29. Newsletter
  30. Questions, ideas, suggestions

1. What is "What are you reading?"

With the platform “What do you read? Your magazine, your community ”, we would like to give all reading enthusiasts a place where they can exchange ideas about literature and their reading experiences and review books. At the same time, they are informed about everything worth knowing from the world of books.

A special feature of the platform is the combination of community and magazine.

The community gives you the opportunity to get to know new people and to exchange ideas with others about what you have read. With your own, individual profile, virtual bookshelves can be set up with read and unread books. Every book can be reviewed and rated. Within discussions and with the integrated message function, you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other users.

Reading rounds, in which titles are read together, sometimes in advance, offer you the opportunity to get in direct contact with publishers, authors, the editors and readers.

The magazine offers you a lot of editorial content. Here you will find the latest news from the world of books, exciting reports and informative articles on topics that interest you. As a further specialty, we have set up a bonus system. We want to support your passion for books and give you points for your contributions that can be exchanged for books.

2. The magazine

The magazine offers you a lot of editorial content. Here you will find the latest news from the world of books, exciting reports and informative articles on topics that interest you.

3. Free participation

Membership in “What are you reading?” Does not entail any costs.

4. Registration

In order to be active in the community, e.g. to publish your own comments, reviews or articles or to rate books, you need your own user account. You can easily create this for yourself by clicking on "Register" on the start page. By the way: Neither the registration nor the use of “What are you reading?” Is associated with costs. If you have entered your username and a valid email address and selected a password, all you have to do is read and accept the terms and conditions and data protection provisions and you will have your own user account. You then have the opportunity to provide further personal information. Here you can freely decide which data you want to provide and which not. If you would like to take part in the bonus system and the competitions, we definitely need your address so that the prizes and prizes can be sent to you. It is of course up to you which information about you should be publicly available. You can change your privacy settings at any time in your profile.

5. Your profile

“What are you reading?” Is the perfect place to meet new people and to exchange ideas with other readers. We would like to give all members the opportunity to present themselves as individually as possible in the community. That's why you can design your profile yourself the way you like it. You can upload a photo or an avatar as a profile picture, provide information about your age, birthday or place of residence, insert a short description of yourself and publish your favorite quote. In order to give your page an individual look, you can also upload your own cover picture (dimensions: 1040 x 250 pixels) or choose your desired image from our selection provided for you. Even after registration, information can be changed at any time.

If you have a blog, are active on YouTube or have profiles in other social networks, you have the option of entering the corresponding links in your profile as well.

6. Privacy

You can change your privacy settings at any time. In your profile under the tab "Edit -> Privacy" you can choose whether your current place of residence (only the city, never the entire address) and your date of birth should appear in your profile. You can also decide whether you would like to receive personal messages from other members or if you prefer not to receive them. If you no longer want to be informed by email about new friend requests, current comments and private messages, you can deactivate this function.

7. Book shelves

With “What are you reading?” You can put together your own library. Right from the start, every user has six bookshelves that he can equip himself. The shelves are displayed on your profile page and you can change and edit them at any time. The library of “What are you reading?” Offers you a comprehensive selection of titles in which you can browse for your favorites. Just enter the book you are looking for in the search field in the upper right corner and then select the correct title. By clicking on the “Add to bookshelf” button, you can sort it easily and easily on the shelves.

With the shelf “Have I read” you can also indicate when you finished the respective book, while with “My current reading” you can specify the page number you are currently on. This gives you a nice overview of your reading material.

Are these shelves not enough for you? No problem. You can always create new shelves. There are no limits to the creation of your own library.

In addition, you can decide for each individual shelf whether it is visible to every member, only to your friends or even only to you. These settings can also be changed later at any time.

8. Sort, move, delete books

Your library can be edited at any time. By clicking on the "Sort by" button on the right, you can sort your books according to various criteria. To sort books manually, click on the relevant book and drag it to the desired location. The sorting you have chosen is also visible to all other members.

If you want to move individual titles to other shelves or delete books, you can do this easily by clicking on the title and selecting the corresponding new shelf, or removing all ticks so that the book is removed from the shelf. Entire shelves can also be edited, renamed and deleted (with the exception of the shelves that are made available to you from the start). Simply use the "Edit" function and change the settings as you like.

9. Books that cannot be found in the database

You may not find all of the titles you want in our database. At the moment there is no way to create additional books manually. We are working on a corresponding solution, which we will present to you on the start page as soon as the time comes.

10. Exchange shelf

One of the shelves that are offered to you as standard is the so-called "exchange shelf". Here you can sort all titles that you actually own and would like to exchange for other books. If other members are interested in the books, they can click on the speech bubble above the desired title and send you a personal message. A text is already given in the message in which an exchange is suggested. However, this can also be replaced by a new text. If you come to an agreement, you can send each other the desired titles by post.

You can also browse the exchange shelves of your friends or other members. This gives you the opportunity to receive free new reading material for the titles you have already read. Please note that we are not liable in the event of an exchange.

11. Badges

A so-called achievement system has been integrated within the community. During your stay at “What are you reading?” You can collect small awards - badges - which will be displayed in your profile. For example, if you log in between midnight and 1 a.m., you will receive the ghost hour badge. A list of the badges that you can collect in the community can be found in your profile. But that's not all! We still have some surprises for you!

12. Why should books be rated and reviewed?

With around 90,000 new publications published each year, readers need some guidance to find the right reading material among the number of books. The personal and honest assessment of other readers plays a decisive role here. To help others find the right reading material, you can rate and review the books you've already read. This enables members to find other users with a similar reading taste and to orientate themselves effortlessly on the assessments of other readers.

13. Rate books

In addition to reviewing books, you can also rate them by giving out stars. You have five stars available for each book (1 star means: "very bad" and 5 stars means "I'm thrilled!"). It is also possible to assign half stars.

Simply call up the title you would like to rate in the search or on your shelf and click on the respective number of stars.

On every detail page of a title you can see on the right (if available) your own rating as well as the average rating of the community.

14. Write a review

If you've never written a review or want to get additional tips, you've come to the right place. With this guide we would like to give you a little guide for writing a review. But of course you should feel completely free when writing. Let your thoughts run free. It's about your opinion - our tips are only intended to serve as a guide and are by no means to be understood as fixed rules.

In any case, please remember to adhere to our netiquette here as well!

When you create a review with us, you have the option of entering a title. This does not mean the title of the book being discussed, but the heading for your review. Just enter a short sentence here that sums up how you liked the book. Something like “Deserved hype”, “Strong beginning and very weak end” or “Much better than the film”.

A typical book review consists of three parts and not only presents a book in terms of content, but also evaluates it. The first sentences of your review should create tension and encourage you to continue reading. A possible structure would be this:

Section 1: The content

At the beginning of the text there is a short summary of the book. Here is an overview of the plot and characters of the story. You should be careful not to describe the story in too much detail so that the tension is not lost. At this point, the title can also be assigned to a specific genre (e.g. crime, fantasy, advice, etc.) or a series.

Section 2: Your Opinion

In the second step, you rate the title. This is about your opinion. It should be clear whether you liked the book or whether you didn't like it. You should pay special attention to the justification. Not only do you find out that you found the book exciting, beautiful or funny, but also explain why. Many different aspects can play a role here. Is the story correct? How is the tension built up? Do you like the protagonists? How do you like the language of the narrator? Did you notice certain stylistic devices? If you can think of text passages from the book that can serve as an example, you are welcome to include them. The cover and the visual presentation of the book can also be rated.

Background information on the book can also be of interest. Do you already know the author? Is there anything special to say about the setting or is the book based on real events?

It's about your personal assessment and opinion. Let your thoughts and creativity run free - you can thematize anything that caught your eye while reading.

Section 3: The Conclusion

At the end of the review, you should summarize your opinion and thoughts in a short summary so that the readers can see your assessment of the book at a glance.

By the way: We support your passion for reading and give you bonus points for your reviews. But this only applies once per text! If you use the same text to review a title in different formats, you will only be awarded points once.

You can find out how many points you get for what else and what you can do with them under points 25 and 26.

15. Ask a question

If you have questions that you would like to discuss with other users, you can get rid of them in the community at any time. To do this, simply use the "Ask a question" function and formulate your request in the "Question" field. In the field below you can add more detailed text. For a better overview and findability, you can sort your question into one of the various categories that are displayed in the drop-down menu, e.g. "Reading habits", "Authors" or "Films".

All members can join the discussion and answer your question. If one of the posts is particularly helpful to you, you can mark it as the "best answer". This is then marked in color and highlighted.

On the overview page of the questions you will find all articles sorted according to the categories "last asked", "last commented" and "most frequently commented".

16. Write articles

Have you been to a great reading, participated in an interesting event or have you always wanted to get rid of your thoughts on your favorite author? Then take the opportunity and write an article for our magazine!

Only editorial content is posted here, for example interviews, reports, features and everything that contains information. Your opinion on readers, reviews and other discussions do not belong in the magazine, but are welcome to be shared in the forum.

To publish your article in the magazine, simply click on "Create article", enter a concise title and start writing! With a suitable photo or picture (dimensions 680 x 380 pixels) you can round off your article wonderfully. We look forward to your texts.

17. Comments, replies, and likes

We look forward to your opinion! Get involved and write comments on articles and reviews. You can write answers in the questions area. The person who raised the question in the community can mark one of the answers as the most helpful. This even earns you additional bonus points.

If you find certain texts or comments particularly good, you can also mark them with a "thumbs up".

18. Change your contributions

You can change and correct your own contributions for 15 minutes after publication. To do this, click on the pencil symbol under the relevant post and make the desired changes.

19. Search

The search function not only allows you to search for books, but also for content and users. If you enter the relevant search term in the text field and then click on the "Search" button, a new page with the search results will open. You now have the option to select one of three categories in the top left and only search for books, content (articles, questions, reviews, etc.) and users.

20. Reading Challenges

Do you want to challenge yourself? Then face your personal reading challenge! Indicate how many books you would like to read in the coming months or this or next year. By adding a date to the books you have read on the shelves, it is counted how many books you have actually read in the respective periods. In your profile you can see what percentage of the challenge you have already completed.

If a year or month has already started, you can only enter a value once, but you cannot change it! Information for challenges that are not yet in the future can, however, be corrected at any time.

21. Activity stream

So that you are always up to date, you will find two different activity streams on “What are you reading?”. In your own profile under "My Activities" you can see what you have been doing in the community recently. Under another tab, "Activity", you can see your own actions as well as those of your friends.

22. Friends

With “What are you reading?” You can make friends with other users. On the profile page of every member there is the button "Send ... a friend request". If you click on this, the other user will automatically receive a friend request and can confirm or reject it. At the same time, you will be informed of the current status.

You can follow the actions of your friends in the activity stream. You can also set whether your shelves should be seen by everyone, only by you or by your friends.

23. Personal messages

Not only do you have the opportunity to get in touch with other members via articles, questions, reviews, etc., you can also send them a personal message. Simply click on “Send this user a private message” in the member's profile and you're good to go. You can find all your messages in your profile in the "Private Messages" area.

If you do not want to receive messages from other members, you can deactivate this function in your profile under "Privacy".


Is there an article, a review or another text that you particularly liked? Or would you like to continue reading an article at a later date? Then you can easily mark the spot by clicking on the bookmark under the corresponding text. In your profile you will find the text under "Bookmarks" and you can read on at any time without having to search for a long time.

25. Bonus system

Your opinion counts! Help others find the right reading material: Review and rate the books you've already read! Get involved, take part in discussions and share your opinion! We want to support your passion for books and give you points for your activities that you can exchange for great rewards.

Here you will find an overview of which action is rewarded with how many points:

The profile is complete: short description, author line, quote photo and cover picture250
First use of the shelves250
Additional, own, first shelf created150
Registration with code2000
Per logged-in day10
Pure evaluation of a book (application with stars)15
Review between 301 and 600 characters250
Review from 601 characters400
First review up to 500 characters350
First review from 500 characters500
Articles up to 500 characters250
Articles from 500 characters400
Write a comment in the reading round20
The review is featured on the homepage (top content)plus 200
Review is used in printplus 500
Article is featured on the homepage (top content)plus 1000
Article is used in print (excerpts)plus 500

Basically: You keep the points that you earn through your activity within the community. This applies even if the point system is adjusted at a later point in time.

Exceptions to this rule are cases in which you have been wrongly credited with points - be it due to a technical error or by posting the same review on several editions of a title or by posting a review that was not written by you.

26. Exchange bonus points for rewards

You can exchange the points you have collected for rewards. You can find an overview of your points balance in your profile under the "Points" tab.

In order to be able to exchange your points, you must in any case have saved your address with your real name in your profile!

You can find the rewards available for selection at the bottom of the home page under “Earn it”. When you have found a reward that you like, you can apply for it by clicking on the "Exchange points for a reward" link on the right. Here you will also see whether you have collected enough points for the corresponding bonus. The points will not be deducted immediately, but only when the editorial team has checked and confirmed the exchange. As soon as this is done, you will receive a notification.

The rewards are sent out at regular intervals. Shipping within Germany will take a maximum of 30 days. If you live outside of Germany, there may be longer waiting times. Unfortunately, no awards can be sent outside of Europe. (You can find more information on this in the terms of use.)

27. Reading rounds

As a participant in a reading group, you will read the same book with other members within a specified period of time and exchange your reading experiences with them.

Reading rounds are managed either by the publisher, the author or our editorial team and announced in the community. So you will always be informed in good time about all running laps. During the advertised application phase, you can express your interest in participating in the reading round by posting a comment in the relevant thread.

In order for us to consider you in the draw, you must have given your full address in your profile!

Before you apply, please consider carefully whether you really have time for a reading session in the advertised period. Active participation is mandatory for all winners of a free copy. If necessary, you can withdraw your application by responding to your comment. Of course, it can always happen that something goes wrong when shipping, you get sick or cannot participate for other important reasons - we look forward to a short message to the team. If you are drawn and you do not participate without excuse, you will be blocked for the draws for the next four reading round intervals and will not be taken into account.

The winners of the reading copies will be announced during the reading round and will automatically receive the book by post. Of course, you can also simply buy the title yourself and thus take part in the exchange.

A discussion about the book takes place with other users within various subject areas. Since there is always the risk that too much is revealed about the plot during the conversation, individual chapters are treated in a summarized manner so that you can always start at the appropriate point.

If the rounds are supervised by an author or the publisher, you can contact the author or the publisher directly in the discussion area and get rid of your personal questions or concerns. The rounds always take place in a fixed time frame of two weeks.

At the end of the reading round, you prepare a review, which you post as usual.

28. Sweepstakes

If you would like to draw attention to competitions and promotions on other sites or blogs, you can publish the relevant information and links here. In the event that competitions are nevertheless advertised in the form of an article or a separate question, the editorial team will delete this and publish the corresponding text with the name of the author in the article provided for it.

29. Newsletter

If you would like to be informed regularly about all news, competitions, reading rounds or new rewards, you can register for our newsletter. To do this, click on "Edit" in your profile and go to the link "I would like to receive the newsletter". Of course, you can also unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time - either in your profile or via the link given in the newsletter.

30. Questions, ideas, suggestions

We look forward to your opinion! Do you have ideas, suggestions for articles or suggestions for us in general? Then write us an email at [email protected]