How were the rulers of Mesopotamia chosen

Who were Mesopotamia's gold suppliers?

The trail leads west
  1. In the 3rd millennium BC A royal dynasty developed in the southern Mesopotamian city of Ur, whose grand tombs were also furnished with gold objects.

  2. Scientific analyzes confirm the high level of craftsmanship of the goldsmiths and provide information on the origin of the precious metal.

  3. Natural gold deposits are not known in Iraq today, but trace elements and isotopes, archaeological findings and reconstructed cuneiform texts refer to northern Afghanistan and the Indus valley.

When the successful crime writer Agatha Christie visited the British excavations in Ur in 1930, Sir Leonard Woolley's excavation team proudly presented her precious artifacts, which Christie combined in her book with artistic freedom - golden cups and daggers were discovered, but without rams' heads or Lapis lazuli inlays. Woolley has been researching the city-state in southern Mesopotamia, mentioned in the Bible, since 1925 .… Millennium BC BC, the early dynastic period ...

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