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Parents' representative: Land SH does not have a distance learning concept

Status: 14.12.2020 9:14 p.m.

Parents' representatives from grammar schools and daycare centers sharply criticize the state government's corona measures. Prime Minister Günther and Minister of Education Prien defend their approach.

The state parents' council of high schools has sharply criticized the state government's lockdown measures. The pandemic has now lasted nine months and "since the end of June there has been a binding requirement for schools to impose a distance learning concept," said Claudia Pick, chairwoman of the parent council. But little of that is to be noticed. Rather, the parents had the impression that, according to the Ministry of Education, "only face-to-face teaching can guarantee lessons and learning success".

Parents' representative: Reliable distance learning is not provided

"Parents are amazed that there is no provision to guarantee reliable and compulsory distance learning for all students of all grade levels," said Pick. Many parents would not understand why they should take their children off school, but on the other hand no more classes should take place.

Ministry proposes "Christmas handicrafts"

The Parents' Council of Community Schools published a letter from the Ministry of Education to the school administrators and teachers of all general education schools, support centers and vocational schools on its website, according to which pupils in grades 1 - 7 could "be instructed in writing Christmas letters to family members and Christmas handicrafts". In older years, the pandemic or Christmas oratorios or songs could be discussed. That "is not acceptable," said the chairman of the state parents' council for high schools, Pick.

Ministry: Do not convey new material

The ministry letter of December 13th, 2020 states: "The distance learning offer in the week of December 14th to 18th, 2020 specifically does not mean that the lessons will be continued in accordance with the technical requirements. The time can also be used for repetitions.

According to Pick, teaching according to technical requirements should also be guaranteed at a distance. Pick raises the question "whether mandatory distance teaching is perhaps not possible, not enforceable". That was a declaration of bankruptcy by politicians, because the lockdown had been predictable at least since the end of October.

Prien: Use the days leading up to the holidays to try out distance learning

Education Minister Karin Prien (CDU) emphasized on Monday that the face-to-face classes had been held for as long as possible, but the infection situation no longer allowed them. It is now a matter of drastically reducing the number of infections. This is a prerequisite for classes to take place in the classrooms again as soon as possible in January. According to the Ministry of Education, "many solutions were found for schools to further support learning with digital media" in the course of 2020. The days leading up to the Christmas holidays are a good time to try out distance learning nationwide.

Many school servers were overloaded

But that's not that easy if the technical requirements are not right. According to research by NDR Schleswig-Holstein, schoolchildren saw rows of error messages on their digital devices on Monday. Connections were interrupted, video conferences started partly without a picture. Retrieving tasks in the data cloud was also only possible at times. The commercial provider of the learning platform IServ announced that the server capacity increased tenfold on Monday. If schools do not save their data on this server, however, they would have to work independently to increase the capacity.

School in Tornesch buys its own server system

The Klaus Groth School in Tornesch does not have these problems. According to headmaster Andreas Waldowsky, the country provided his school with a system that did not work. Here, too, the servers were not prepared for the load. The school authorities started looking for a functioning system that could also be financed, "where extra money was put into their hands". For the period after the Christmas holidays, the school principal demands clear instructions as soon as possible about how lessons should be taught - whether with whole classes, half classes or completely at a distance.

Kita parents also criticize closings

The state parents' representatives of the daycare centers also criticized the state government for closing the facilities, because now many parents are facing problems with childcare again. Prime Minister Daniel Günther showed understanding for the anger of the parents in the country: "My request is that you are angry with us, as politically responsible, also with me as Prime Minister, and please do not give this anger to the teachers and day-care center employees. Charging employees. " These would have to implement what was decided by politicians at very short notice. However, the decisions were absolutely necessary due to the infection process.

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