What if the dental implant fails

The crown on the implant wobbles


“If the crown of the tooth loosens, those affected notice when speaking and chewing that the teeth are touching each other slightly.

»In a survey, over 59 percent of the participants said that their dentist showed them no alternative to implants.

»A loose tooth crown results from a manufacturing error for which the dental laboratory has to take responsibility.

»Overloading the tooth leads to loosening and the resulting wobbling of the crown.

»According to the survey, 40 percent of those questioned feel dissatisfied with their dental implants.

»The dentist sends a loose tooth crown on the implant to the dental laboratory; The patient receives a temporary solution during the repair, which does not incur any additional costs.

Dentures (costs) are not always permanent. This is because from time to time some parts of the implant may start to wobble. In addition to the fact that a screw can loosen, the crown on the dental implant can also begin to wobble. However, such problems usually occur some time after healing. This can usually only be determined if the patient has the feeling that something has loosened on the implant, but cannot exactly identify what is actually loose. The dentist usually suspects that it is the screw that has come loose. But usually at the appointment it is found that it is actually the crown that wobbles, even if only minimally. However, the patient immediately notices even a minimal amount of loosening of the tooth crown. Pain is not felt by the patient, but the constant feeling that the teeth are bumping into each other.

40% have an alternative to their dentist
Get dental implants offered.

Causes why the tooth crown wobbles

If the crown wobbles on the implant, this is usually due to the failure of the adhesive. Actually, this glue should stay bombproof and last a long time. In this case it is a processing error for which the dental laboratory is responsible. This means that either an inferior adhesive was used during processing or the dental laboratory did not take great care when assembling the implant. Because even then the glue can loosen over time.


Most patients only go to their dentist if the dental implant is already wobbly. A clear cause can then usually no longer be determined, since the glue has already dissolved through the saliva. Another reason why a crown may have loosened on the implant is that there has been an overload here.

60% are satisfied with their dental implant.

However, the patient must have already bitten on something very hard for a crown from the implant to begin to wobble. The cause, if the crown wobbles, can also be that it was not completely tightened. In this case, the crown triggers a strong sensation of pressure.


In the event that the dental laboratory verifiably started a fault or the wrong or an inferior adhesive was used, the patient has the right to rework within the guarantee period of 2 years. That means the dental laboratory is responsible for the botch and has to repair the crown. For the patient, of course, this means that he will have to wear a temporary restoration for some time. However, there are no costs for the patient. In the dental laboratory, the crown is simply glued back on and the dental implant reinserted later. In the event that the patient has bitten on something hard, the same procedure is followed. However, the patient has to bear the costs for the repair and the temporary restoration himself. If the crown did not have a firm hold from the outset, the dentist should be consulted immediately. Of course, this will fix the error free of charge within the warranty period. The patients do not have to go without their implants for some time. If the crown has not been distorted by the pressure, it can be retightened or correctly placed on the appointment immediately. After that, the wiggling of the crown should be resolved.


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