How boys talk to girls

Topics to talk about with boys - flirting tips for girls

Well prepared you don't have to be afraid of the first date, but can enjoy it to the full, because there are many topics of conversation with guys. If you research specific topics in advance and plan the evening well, you can score points as a girl with football, computer games and the like.

Every girl's nerves are on edge when the first date with the new crush or even the first date is in the house. In addition to questions about the perfect outfit, the right hairstyle and the most beautiful make-up, there is one question in particular: What should you just talk about? Here it is advisable to make a few preparations, because there are many topics to talk to guys.

Research specific topics

  • If you know a little about the boy you're dating, you may already know something about his preferences. Does he have a favorite club in the Bundesliga? Does he like basketball, football or Formula 1? Or is he an environmental activist or a hobby physicist? Thanks to the Internet, it is now easy to acquire a basic knowledge of all topics in the world.
  • Basically, as a newcomer to an area, you should come out as such. Because nothing is more embarrassing than wrongly reproducing the hard facts learned by heart at the crucial moment and reaping dismayed looks. Honesty, on the other hand, makes people personable.
  • A statement like “I noticed that you were interested in Borussia Dortmund. They have just become masters, but then I don't really know any more, ”goes beyond the fact that you don't really know your way around, but also shows a direct interest in the boy you go out with. After all, they did a little research for his sake.

Plan the evening well

  • It becomes more difficult when you know little about the boy you are dating. It is important to find general topics of conversation with guys. Now boys are just as different as girls, and what one likes, the other doesn't like it for a long time.
  • In any case, you should avoid classic girls' topics - especially on the first date. Fashion, looks and the latest news from the world of glamor are not topics of conversation with guys.
  • Issues that can easily lead to arguments, such as politics and religion, should also be avoided. If you are too worried, you should start the evening with a visit to the cinema. Afterwards, the seen film provides a long-term topic of conversation over pizza.
  • Also, you shouldn't get too crazy about topics of conversation with boys, because after all, a conversation with guys doesn't work much differently than one with girls. So having a topic or two up your sleeve to get started is more than enough. From then on, the conversation will flow on its own.