How to create an anime character

Create your own anime characters with generator

Anime has long since ceased to be a niche in German pop culture. Regardless of whether Captain Tsubasa, Naruto or Dragonball, animes and mangas are enjoying growing popularity.

Thanks to an online generator, you can also create your own anime character and use it for example. For example, use it as an avatar in forums, print it out or use it as a template for your own game.

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Create your own anime characters with generator

  • With a free anime character generator, you can bring your manga character onto the screen according to your own wishes.
  • To do this, open the TekTek website.
  • Here you can find numerous templates for your own anime avatar.
  • Click on “Start New Avatar”.
  • Now choose whether you want to create a male or female character.
  • Selects the body shape and skin color.
  • In the upper menu bar you can assemble your dream anime figure from individual parts.
  • There are numerous items of clothing, shoes, eye shapes, hair, beards, hands, weapons and other elements to choose from.
  • When your anime is finished, click on "Save".
  • Select "View Saved Character" and you can see your work.

Dream Avatar at TekTek

Create or find anime characters on the PC

You can use the created anime character as HTML code or in IMG format and use it in a forum, blog or the like. insert. If you want to save the character for later, you can save the picture as a PNG on the hard drive. With "Edit Avatar" you can make improvements to your anime character afterwards. Using the Anime Character Generator is completely free. In addition, you will not be overwhelmed with advertisements with this offer.

In the anime characters database you can also find characters from anime and manga. Enter appropriate parameters such as hair color and gender or search alphabetically through the database of anime characters. If the desired character is found, you will find photos, the Japanese name and publications with the corresponding figure in a list.

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