Why does Snapchat produce face filters

Instagram is now also copying the face filters from Snapchat - is the feature coming for Windows 10 Mobile?

The Instagram stories are constantly being expanded. Facebook has once again made use of the popular Snapchat range of filters. The filters for the face come with the new version of Instagram.

The new functions for Instagram on Android and iOS are currently being rolled out via updates. These include, for example, the popular Snapchat face filters, a hashtag function within the stories and a new rewind feature that is supposed to support the so-called boomerang effect. It is unknown if and when the update for Windows 10 Mobile will be released. Usually, new functions for Instagram are also available for Windows 10 Mobile within a few weeks, but it could take longer with such a complex feature. In any case, Facebook has not rolled out a similar feature in Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile, but Instagram is also supported a little better. It remains to be seen, but at this point we can only speculate. In any case, we will inform you when the time comes.

There are also eight filters for the face

A popular feature of Snapchat is the face filters. The filters can be used to edit your own photos and make them more fun by automatically adding different motifs to the image. There are many different options, such as glasses, a tiara or completely new hair. The new filters for the Instagram story can also be used in the small videos or boomerang effects.

With the two other features, stories can be tagged with hashtags or completely changed. Strictly speaking, the new rewind feature is a return play function that simply plays the recorded boomerang video backwards.

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