Should I believe my girlfriend

Answer from Dana


I think four weeks are pretty short to keep up with an 'old, great love'. Sure you're on cloud nine at the beginning - but it feels different than the deep connection that you can feel in a longer relationship. I have a feeling that this is what it is about. She lost a great love - and taking that place is difficult. And does it have to be the place? Such a heart is big and somehow it should be a new room, right? Different, but beautiful, possibly more beautiful.

I can imagine that the statement "I don't love you the way I loved him" really scares you. But try not to let that unsettle you so much. Because today she has decided for you - she is neither back to England, nor is she trying to hold onto her old love over the distance. Love can have different faces and feel different.

And also look at the positive side of her statement: she is very honest with you. Unfortunately, not always a given. But this honesty also means that it is true when she says: I want to be with you.

Of course, I can't tell whether your friend wants something from her. But is it so important to you and your relationship? The decisive factor is how she reacts and what she wants. He can flirt as long as she only sees and wants him as a friend, there is no danger.

All the best!