Is raw protein healthy?

That's why you shouldn't eat raw eggs!

Eggs are one of the best foods for building muscle because, in addition to plenty of protein, they provide numerous vitamins and minerals, but hardly any carbohydrates. This applies to both boiled and raw eggs. Soft-boiled eggs are easier to digest than raw ones. This is because the proteins are denatured, i.e. already broken down, but not destroyed, and can therefore be easily absorbed by your body. Hard-boiled eggs, on the other hand, are more difficult to digest, as the longer heating increases new bonds and the structure becomes firmer.

Egg White Or Whole Egg: Which Is Healthier?

Why do athletes drink raw eggs?

The hype about raw eggs comes from the US boxer film "Rocky", with Sylvester Stallone in the title role of boxer Rocky Balboa. To prepare for a fight, Rocky drank a shake of five raw eggs - and in the end he won the all-important fight in the ring. Ever since then, the rumor has persisted that raw eggs are better than cooked eggs for building muscle.

Why shouldn't I eat raw eggs?

However, there are no benefits to eating raw eggs - in fact, it has some health risks. So I prefer to process your eggs according to delicious recipes. These are the risks of raw eggs:

10 foods that contain more protein than an egg

  1. Avidin causes digestive problems: Uncooked egg white contains the substance avidin, which in large quantities can cause digestive problems, nausea and skin problems.
  2. Biotin is poorly absorbed: Avidin binds the biotin (vitamin B7) found in egg yolks and prevents it from being absorbed in the intestine. Biotin is mainly needed for healthy skin, hair and nails. Cooking, on the other hand, destroys the avidin, which on the one hand allows you to absorb more biotin and on the other hand prevents nausea and indigestion.
  3. Salmonella infection: If you get stomach cramps and diarrhea from tiramisu or other dishes with raw eggs, this is probably due to the salmonella that is in (and on the shell of) raw eggs and thus also in the food - including in raw cake or waffle batter .

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How do I reduce the risk of salmonella?

"Salmonella are often found on the shell of the eggs. Washing with hot water (over 70 degrees Celsius!) Can destroy the salmonella. This reduces the risk, but still does not rule it out. The risk of salmonella infection arises when eating raw eggs always ", explains Inga Pfannebecker, qualified ecotrophologist, food journalist and cookbook author.

However, if you only use raw eggs for your dessert that have intact shells and are less than a week old, then everything is fine. Because that is how long the eggs have a self-protection that prevents the reproduction of salmonella. Also important: plaster dishes with fresh eggs as quickly as possible and do not transport yourself from A to B for hours.

By the way: Both the nutrient and vitamin content of eggs are closely related to the keeping or feeding of the chickens. Therefore, always buy organic goods from free-range chickens.

Eating raw eggs has no muscle building benefits. You should therefore avoid the risk of salmonella infection as much as possible. However, if you wash the eggs with hot water and only use fresh eggs, you can reduce the risk of salmonella.

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