Can a hearing aid increase hearing performance

Hearing aid appreciation

The health insurance pays for it

Since November 1, 2013, the health insurance co-payments for hearing aids have risen sharply. At the same time, the legislature has significantly raised the so-called "minimum requirement" for hearing aids, which defines the technical performance of the hearing aids. In other words: Today the health insurances subsidize hearing aids with much more powerful technology than was the case in the past.

As a rule, you are entitled to a new hearing aid every six years; some health insurance companies cover the costs earlier. Find out more from your health insurance company; Your hearing care professional will also be happy to advise you.

From hearing well to hearing better

Your hearing care professional can do a lot to improve your hearing, such as: B. through new hearing aids and a host of other services.
Find out about the latest technical developments. You will be amazed at what is already possible today.

  • Let us show you accessories for your hearing aid, e.g. B. Support for TV, solutions that are connected to the smartphone, or remote controls.
  • Have a service check for your hearing aid carried out.
  • Have your hearing aid checked for possible sources of error.

Hear better with two hearing aids

A new hearing aid or two? Your hearing care professional will also advise you on this. Did you know, for example, that only both ears guarantee 100% hearing performance? This is why hearing aids provide valuable support in everyday life for both sides in order to hear better. By the way: around 80 percent of our customers wear two hearing aids.

The advantages of two hearing aids at a glance:

  1. Better spatial orientation
    Two hearing aids make it possible to perceive noise sources in good time and recognize where they are coming from. This gives more security, e.g. B. in road traffic.
  2. Relaxed listening
    In the case of annoying background noises, two hearing aids help you concentrate on the conversation and block out background noise.
  3. Optimal listening balance
    Listening to both sides creates a "natural stereo effect" for a pleasant listening experience.
  4. Preservation of hearing performance
    If a hearing loss is only compensated for on one side, this can lead to a long-term deterioration in hearing in the other ear, despite the hearing aid.
  5. Reduction of tinnitus symptoms
    If a hearing loss occurs in combination with a tinnitus, two hearing aids help to reinforce positive hearing impressions.

Is your hearing aid almost six years old or older? Then make an appointment for a consultation with your Amplifon hearing care professional right here.