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The drinker: This film changed Harald Juhnke

Harald Juhnke would have turned 90 on June 10, 2019. The first honors the artistic work of the entertainment legend with a documentary at lunchtime and one of his best films shortly before midnight. In "The Drinker" Juhnke also fought with his own demons.

Drama • 06/10/2019 • 11:45 p.m.

"The film", Harald Juhnke once admitted, "changed me." Not that the actor renounced alcohol after the lead role in Ulrich Plenzdorf's adaptation of the Fallada novel "The Drinker" at the time. But: if he had previously flirted with his illness and smiled over it, he then confessed to it for the first time. The television film directed by Tom Toelle was first broadcast on ARD in December 1995. In honor of the main actor who died in 2005 and would have turned 90 on June 10, the first is now repeating the film at a late hour.

With the role of the "drinker", Harald Juhnke had created something like the legacy of an actor: warning against the drug alcohol and self-therapy rolled into one. Film author Ulrich Plenzdorf moved Fallada's novel from the time it was written in the 1940s to the time of the turnaround. A wholesaler from the GDR sees his skins floating away after reunification. For a long time he ran his parents' business quite successfully through rough years, but now there are setbacks. He escapes into the drunkenness - right up to the self-chosen end. An early German edition of the Oscar winner "Leaving Las Vegas". Juhnke gave a brilliant performance in the film, played with great precision and passion.

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Already at 1 p.m., the first has a remarkable documentary about the career of the entertainment luminary in its program: "Harald Juhnke - that's life" recapitulates the most important stages of his career - and Juhnke's darker sides are not left out. Not for nothing is the subtitle of the show "A man with ups and downs". Family members and old companions also have their say in the portrait of the singer and actor, who shone in both humorous and character roles and captured the audience for himself with charm and a Berlin-style snout. These include, for example, Juhnke's second wife Susanne and his son Peer, but also Florian Silbereisen, Grit Boettcher, Howard Carpendale, Michael Schanze, Gregor Gysi and Barbara Schöne.

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