Where are such files stored

• Objects are stored in their original directories unless the override_store_back configuration option is set to yes.
• If the file is not to be saved in the directory that was last accessed, set the configuration option file_open_default_folder accordingly. Use this configuration option to specify the directory to use for opening, saving, saving as a copy, and backing up files.
• If you do not have write permission for the original directory and have set override_store_back to no, set the configuration option save_object_in_current to yes to save the objects in the current directory.
• By default, Creo Parametric saves models used as the basis for drawings only if changes have been made to them. You can use the save_modified_draw_models_only configuration file option to save the model each time you save the drawing.
• You can save storage space by compressing the file output. To do this, set the configuration option compress_output_files to yes. Compressed files provide full cross-platform compatibility. Compressed files take longer to read and save, and the files are smaller. However, in some cases the compressed file is larger than the uncompressed format.