What is SSL VIP

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An SSL certificate encrypts the data entered by visitors to your website (e.g. customer or credit card details, e.g. for shops).
The advantage of having your own SSL certificate: It gives visitors to a website more security and thus ensures greater trust when using the corresponding online offers! Since security aspects are becoming more and more important for Internet users, it can make sense for all operators of websites and online shops, regardless of the size, to adapt to this changing user behavior and to use their own SSL certificate.

SSL certificates are available in different security levels:

- During domain validation, only the domain name is checked and included in the certificate.
- During the owner validation, the owner of the domain is also checked. The company name is then also included in the certificate. To do this, you have to submit additional documents such as the extract from the commercial register.
- The authentication requirements are particularly high for certificates with extended validation. In addition to the company and the domain, the contact person who is specified as the certificate holder is also checked. The advantage of these certificates: In modern browsers, the address line turns green when the domain is called up and the company is displayed directly.

We would be happy to make you a tailor-made offer for the right SSL certificate for your website or online shop.