Can I get a different phone number?

New number in Whatsapp - you should pay attention to this

Note: If you change not only to a new number but also to a new mobile phone, first follow this guide on your old smartphone. Then switch to the current device with your new Whatsapp account. Our article on switching WhatsApp to a new mobile phone will help you here.

If you have a new mobile number, you will also need to change the number in your WhatsApp account. First inform your friends and colleagues of your new number, for example via WhatsApp, e-mail, etc. This is necessary because WhatsApp only notifies people who are in a WhatsApp group with you about the change of their mobile phone number .

How you proceed depends on whether the previous number is still stored with WhatsApp or not and whether you still have the old SIM card. Open WhatsApp, tap on "Settings" and then on your profile picture to check which number you have registered with WhatsApp so far.

Whatsapp - New number: Requirements for the number change

Before changing the number, you should already have inserted your new SIM card into the device. Furthermore, Whatsapp itself names two different requirements that you have to meet for a successful change to a new number.

On the one hand, your device must be able to receive SMS and telephony and be connected to the Internet.

On the other hand, you still need to have access to your old Whatsapp account. Check this by first opening your settings in Whatsapp via the three-point (Android) or gear menu (iOS). Now click on your profile picture to see the currently linked number.

Switch to a new Whatsapp number and take your chat history with you

Now go to your Whatsapp settings again to save the new number. Select "Account" and then "Change Number". At this point, Whatsapp informs you that all of your previous chat histories, contacts, media, etc. will be transferred to the new number. So you won't lose any data when you switch.

Whatsapp then asks you to enter your old number first and then your new number. The verification of your new number takes place via an SMS that Whatsapp sends to your new SIM card. Enter the verification code contained therein.

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